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My email community continues to drastically expand

Rob Moore's email community continues to grow

Wow a lot has happened, & lots of new members have joined the ‘Rob’s Resources’ email community since my last message.

So what’s new in our community?

Firstly, 3,000 new people from my new “Disruptors” podcast rebrand are here. Welcome friends!

(Want to view the podcast? then simply click here for Disruptors Podcast)

We also have the Recurring Income Summit coming up in a couple of weeks (More about that next week, but I have the FOUNDER of Netflix & Michael Jackson’s bodyguard with 1,005 Martial Arts franchises across the world!).

3. My NFT launch coming in a few weeks – I can’t say anything yet, but watch my Instagram stories closely!

4. The special resource “20 Ways to Monetise Social Media”

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten and will send it to you VERY soon (watch out for the email with THAT title).

5. Some BIG Disruptor interviews coming…

Every week, I send you resources & content, in all media formats, to help you start & scale your business, get better financial knowledge, build multiple streams of recurring income & monetise your personal brand on social media in the creator economy. Its all part and parcel of being a part of our digital community.

For today, right now, maybe this is the most important message of all

Failure is scary for entrepreneurs. What if I FAIL?

Well honestly, every single day, many times a day, without fail, I get a sinking knot in my stomach that feels like What if:

  • I fail?
  • No one buys my next book?
  • No one likes my content?
  • My business fails in these uncertain times?
  • My kids don’t love the man I’m trying to be?

These are not conscious thoughts, these are daily cold sweat unconscious gut feelings. No idea where they come from and they hit me at all sorts of random times. Often when things are feeling good or going well.

Like a constant reminder “Think you got this Rob? No. You are nothing. Ha”.

Doesn’t matter how many successful books launched, how many millions made, how many likes, shares and lives impacted.

It never, goes, away.

So I’ve stopped fighting it. Stopped trying to be someone else in order to not feel it. Accept that it is part of me, part of life, & it’s actually good. It’s grounding, humbling, balanced, human, normal.

I must keep failing in order to succeed.

But there is ONE thing I have learned to say to myself, over & over, each & every cold-sweat-sinking-feeling time.

The BEST response ever to “What if I FAIL”? and it is not just ’to fail’, but it is to ask “What if I SUCCEED”? What if you faced the feelings of fear & failure & wrote that book, started that business, asked that person out and had the courage to really be yourself. Now THAT has helped me through those many wobbly moments every single day.

I’m the guy that has said 10,000s of times “If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything”

So I try to live by that many times a day. I honestly believe that no one alive is any different to you or me. We are all scared. We all fear failure

So, try this:

  1. Feel the fear, & do it scared
  2. You will fail. So fail being yourself
  3. Change “What if I fail” to “What if I succeed?

Thank you. Thinking of you. Failing with you

Have any questions? then feel free to get in contact with me!


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