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Entrepreneur, Investor, Author of 18 Amazon and Audible Bestsellers, Prolific Podcaster, two-time Public Speaking World Record Holder, Founder of The Rob Moore Foundation

Rob lives and loves entrepreneurship and property investing, he runs several businesses and is the host of two successful podcasts. He lives up to his brand and disrupts as an entrepreneur, with interests ranging from property development to public speaking and digital media. He is on a mission to change the way people think about business and aims to support people around the globe through the Rob Moore Foundation.

Rob co-founded Progressive Property – the UK's leading property training company – and Unlimited Success with his business partner, before becoming the host of the wildly successful podcast “The Disruptive Entrepreneur” and now “The Money Podcast”, listened to in 192 countries worldwide. This has grown into a complete digital agency: Progressive Media.

A self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 30, having risen to riches from being heavily in debt in his 20s, Rob has retired and un-retired countless times (one of his epic weaknesses), each time creating a new innovation, vision, book or entire company.

Rob is a writer, communicator, social media influencer and philanthropist. His 8 books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and received over 9,000 reviews (and 200 1* ratings!). He is a highly sought-after public speaker, having given 1,200 speeches in the last decade and held 2 world records for the longest individual speech marathon. He has the rare skill of cutting to the chase, using his personal experience to help others and entertain in a disruptive way.

Through the Rob Moore Foundation, he provides an opportunity for under-privileged individuals, start-ups and small established businesses to gain valuable support, investment and mentorship from some of the best in the business. All his profits from his book Money go to the Foundation.


100's of powerful interviews with the global leaders from the worlds of business, literature, entertainment, sport & media.


What a great series of podcasts these are! I have enjoyed listening to many of these and have found the content to be interesting and engaging. Rob always has so much relevant, accurate and easy to understand information to relay which can be applied to any business model! The many different guest who join Rob are also very interesting to listen to and have given me inspiration in many ways!
- S1roberts

A cornerstone podcast for every entrepreneur

Rob Moore's podcasts provide the motivation that every business needs to hear on a daily basis. These caffeine casts are a must for every entrepreneur.
- Fusco76

So much value

This podcast gives so much value to the listeners. Each episodes are jam-packed. Listeners will learn a lot. The tips and advices are practical that you can actually do it. Can’t wait for more episodes to release soon!!! Woohoo!!
- AQuins

All things business

Rob Moore knows how to attract so many successful entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries, there really is no episode that you cannot learn from. All of these entrepreneurs are disruptive in their own way and it goes without saying, that you don't have to follow in their footsteps or try to copy them. The variety of points of view however, on all aspects of business, how to grow, how to be your true self, no matter public opinions, is really engaging. Besides his guests, Rob also shares from his enormous knowledge and wisdom. Highly recommended podcast!
- Monique NL

Great listening

I travel a lot and I always put Rob podcast on straight away and sit back and listen. In fact I listen to all of Robs podcasts I really love the honesty and openness of his podcasts. My no.1
- Robsatar

One of the best..

I started seeking out quality podcasts a few months back and don't have time for long intros, adverts, people dilly dallying and umming and ahhing. I'm in the fitness industry and was introduced to Rob through the Escape interview series and haven't looked back since! Have been working through some of his quality content, which is a clever mix of short and longer podcasts, and will continue to do so. Thanks for taking the time Rob, I appreciate it and may jump in on one of your masterminds at some point if that's a possibility. Jack BASE Bangkok
- Jack BASE

The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, investor and British businessman, Rob Moore, offers a mix of disruptive content and a totally unique concept: unscripted and unedited interviews with both world famous and left-field successful entrepreneurs, exclusive “Caffeine Casts” episodes and blunt “Rob’s Rants”. 

The host, world record holder and multi-millionaire Rob Moore, claims that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if you learn from those already winning. Rob believes that success in all walks of life leaves clues, and it’s his mission on this podcast to reveal these traits, insights and experiences to help you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and success. Subscribe now!


The Money podcast, by best-selling author of “Money”, Rob Moore, will dive into how to make, manage and master money. 

How to know more, make more and give more. How to save, invest and raise money. The story, history and psychology of money. The good, bad and naughty of money. Rob will use his experience of going from debt at 26, to becoming a millionaire by 31. 

Rob will call upon his contacts and interview millionaires, billionaires, economists and money masters from all walks of life. Rob will draw all his experience from starting from nothing, and building the huge podcast the “Disruptive Entrepreneur”, with his on the ground, real business experience. The Money podcast is for anyone who wants to make more money in a job, profession or passion, for money masters and money disasters. They say money doesn’t make you happy, Rob says “It does!”.


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What others are saying about Rob

I have known Rob well for many years. As a businessman and a decent person I don’t think I have met many who have surpassed him. He is a straight talker down to earth and has always given me great advice. 

Gerald ratner

Businessman & Motivational Speaker

I have spoken at a number of Rob’s events and have had the benefit of also gaining a vast amount of knowledge from Rob where I have seen him mentor people and bring them on his course. This is a man who started on his own; has sampled hardship and success and nows how to deal with both.

Alfie best

Businessman & Philanthropist

 I’ve followed Rob and his work, read his other books and taken the tools he applies to his business enterprise and applied them to my own business. It’s amazing, we are in completely different fields of work yet his knowledge and advice has helped my business grow. 

Suzanne Shaw

Singer, Actress

“Rob is a great mentor for both my property journey and podcast media. He’s prolific, accessible and unique. Thank you Rob”

Kevin Clifton

Strictly Come Dancing, Rock of Ages

“Rob is one of the most genuine, forward-thinking, positive and motivational guys I have ever met”

Jake Wood

 Max Branning, Eastenders

“Rob uses lots of good ideas about the balance of living a life away from working 24/7, I wish I had seen this book when I was a teenager!”

Frank Bruno



232 5 Star Reviews

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263 5 Star Reviews

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759 5 Star Reviews

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985 5 Star Reviews

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279 5 Star Reviews

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329 5 Star Reviews

out of 296



What they don’t teach you in school

After realising I needed to face my demons around making sales in my business, I started listening to this book for a second time. From fear of people thinking I was only interested in taking their cash, to worrying nobody would buy from me if I dared to ask, these hang ups were limiting my growth. I enjoyed this book the first time, the second time I really starting to inderstand the theories around money. Being able to see that money is an important way to exchange value and knowing I have to create sales in order that I can help my local economy are just two things I’ve learned which are helping me to overcome my hang ups around asking for the sale. If you’re in business, you need to read this.
- Vicki Peers

This book will change your life!

Superb book. The information contained within these pages will truly change your life, as long as you're willing to listen to Rob Moore's message, and alter your mindset about money. We all have pre-existing views on money, mainly due to our upbringing and social conditioning. This book challenges those beliefs, and helps the reader to recognise that money is simply a medium of exchange. It has no inherent good or bad qualities; these are merely projections of an individual's mindset towards it. If you want to master your money rather than be mastered by it then get this book.
- Kevin Hayes

Make this small investment for the biggest returns

A fantastic book from a great author. I regularly read self-development and property books. Most of these books illustrate a step by step process of how to undertake practical tasks but never help you understand the purpose of it. These books don’t enable you to have a deeper level of learning and understanding. ‘Money’ is one of the best books I’ve read. It helps you understand the purpose of money and how it is generated on a deeper level. By doing so, it helps you understand how you can increase money in your own ways. And if it wasn’t enough, who would expect that a small investment such as this, applied in practice would land a multi-million pound investment in reality. Highly recommend.
- Roach Balan



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