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If you don't risk anything,

you risk everything

become a disruptive entrepreneur™.

Rob's mission & how he can help you:

Gain freedom from the system, start + scale your business, turn your passion into your profession & build multiple streams of recurring income .

Rob’s (Disruptive) Entrepreneur career started in property/real estate nearly two decades ago.

Riddled in debt & jealous of the rich, funny how he’d become the very person he despised (or secretly admired). Short story: Rob built the bedrock of his wealth in real estate, & you can too.

Buy. Hold. Die.

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Interviews with worldwide #Disruptors on Podcast & YouTube, a Shop to learn/earn/invest (& disrupt) & Articles that shake the sh*t out of the way you think

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meet rob

My “Regular” Bio


“Step into The Disruptive Entrepreneur™’s world, where norms crumble and Rob Moore reigns as an audacious icon. A business maverick, author extraordinaire, and thunderous speaker. He’s a podcast czar, with the #Disruptors show amassing 100 million yearly devotees.

Rob Moore is not only an innovator; he is a financial expert in generating £200 million through Progressive Property. A property maestro, with 340 units under his command. But his mission pulses deeper. empowers wealth alchemy.

Rob has also artfully penned 19 best-selling books on Money & Life Leverage, crafting a trusted path to financial mastery and life abundance. His vision: global financial literacy. His mission: ignite entrepreneur empires. The Rob Moore Foundation lights paths for underprivileged youth.

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything,” Rob’s mantra. From £50k debt at 25 to multimillionaire at 30, he co-founded the Progressive Group, birthing legends like Progressive Successes, and Entrepreneurs Business Academy. Business of the Year 2016, their legacy spans borders.

“Step into his saga, redefine limits in 168 words, About me

My “Regular” Bio


My “Regular” Bio

My bio, CV, humble brag, penis measuring exercise:

  • Two-time public speaking world record holder
  • Entrepreneur for two decades.
  • Self made multi-millionaire in 30s.
  • Investor managing 1,100+ rental units across 100s of developments/properties.
  • Author/Co-author of 18 Amazon & Audible books with 10,000+ reviews.
    (Bestsellers in ‘all books’ not just in the ‘how to pee standing up’ category (an actual category). Published by Hachette & translated into a dozen or so languages merci beaucoup)
  • 9 figures+ in revenue
  • Won business of the year 2016 & Property Wire training co. of the year
  • Over 120 million+ podcast downloads/views on #Disruptors Podcast
    (100s of billionaires/millionaires & celebrity #Disruptors interviewed across 1,000+ episodes)
  • 2 million followers/subscribers
  • 1,000+ speeches & 100s of millions of video/social views online

My “Regular” Bio


The meaningful things

I’ve done (quietly, for a change)

  • Founder of The Rob Moore Foundation.
    (To help the young & under-privileged start meaningful businesses that change the world)
  • Over 7 figures raised for various charities & causes
    (Inc. Princes Trust RISE board member & record finance raise for the RISE)
  • Personal vision: to help as many people on this planet get better financial knowledge
  • Retired my Mum & Dad when they were not financially able
  • Employ circa 100 people & pay f*ck loads of tax (b*stards)
  • Do free calls every xmas & boxing day to support people
  • I share a sh*t ton of free content & have been running my mouth off for a decade

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything” – Rob Moore

meet rob

A rebel with a cause. A Disruptive Entrepreneur. A financial freedom fighter

Rob lives and loves entrepreneurship and property investing, he runs several businesses and is the host of two successful podcasts. He lives up to his brand and disrupts as an entrepreneur, with interests ranging from property development to public speaking and digital media. He is on a mission to change the way people think about business and aims to support people around the globe through the Rob Moore Foundation.

A self-made multi-millionaire by the age of 30, having risen to riches from being heavily in debt in his 20s, Rob has retired and un-retired countless times (one of his epic weaknesses), each time creating a new innovation, vision, book or entire company.

Rob is a writer, communicator, social media influencer and philanthropist. His 8 books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and received over 9,000 reviews (and 200 1* ratings!). He is a highly sought-after public speaker, having given 1,200 speeches in the last decade and held 2 world records for the longest individual speech marathon. He has the rare skill of cutting to the chase, using his personal experience to help others and entertain in a disruptive way.

#1 Best Seller Amazon - #1 Best Seller Audible - Guinness World Record holder - Rob Moore Foundation
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