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Drive awareness, boost brand recognition and grow your customer base by placing your branded content with a highly credible and industry-leading influencer.

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500 million people watch videos on F/book every day. Capture our highly engaged community’s attention with paid partnership collaboration.

Monthly Average Reach: 689k
Monthly Average Engagement: 270k

Formats Offered
Static, Video (60s or less) or live host endorsements (max 3 mins) Or tags with link out.


The biggest social media disruption of 2020, videos are the fastest growing and most engaging media format to create brand recognition.

Monthly Average Views: 688k
Lifetime Views: 15 Million

Formats Offered
Caption/Tag or shout out on 15sec-60sec video.


Create compelling content and showcase your business by showing it to a truly committed worldwide audience.

Average Monthly Views: 307,400
Best Monthly Views: 1.5 Million

Formats Offered
Pre, Mid or Post Roll video up to max 60 secs.


Podcast advertising is reported to be 5 times more effective than traditional advertising, reaching highly targeted regional and global audiences in an intimate and personal way.

Monthly Average Downloads: 165,000
Lifetime Downloads: 7.7 Million

Formats Offered
Host read post (max 3 mins). Dynamic Ad insertion  (max 30 secs)


Drive awareness and grow your customer base by connecting with quick hitting offers, products and ideas.

Monthly Average Reach: 400k
Overall Average Engagement: 25k

Formats Offered
In Feed posts. Static, Carousel of Video (60secs or less) Stories. Static or Video (15secs or less) IGTV. 1-3 min video Caption/Tags’ and Swipe ups.


Known for delivering strong business results, driving conversation and conveying key messages.

Monthly Average Reach: 30k
Overall Average Engagement: 1200

Formats Offered
Static or Video with optional caption & link.

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