What are the best podcasts & books on investing in property & business if you’re just starting out? 

I get asked a lot ‘where do I start’ ‘what do I read/listen to first?’ Because of that, here is a low cost, low risk, easy access from anywhere & very fast start to your property & business journey if you are (relatively) new.
In this order:

1. Read Property investing secrets  (on Amazon or Audible)


2. Multiple Streams of Property Income (Amazon or Audible)

3. Subscribe to these 3 podcasts:
Progressive Property Podcast
Disruptive Entrepreneur 
Mark My Words

4. Then read/listen to Life Leverage & UnCommon Sense

Life Leverage


UnCommon Sense


5. Money Book


I challenge EVERYONE who hasn’t listened to all of these to consume them like a starving beast & come back begging for more. When you do, challenge ME to help you to the next level. Tag me in if you have them/have consumed them all, tag me in & I’ll have the next level waiting for you.

I have a fantastic opportunity for you to discuss

Thanks for touching base. At the moment I have too many opportunities and not enough time. So have to politely decline this. Good luck & keep me updated on your journey.

Do you offer 1:1 consultancy or coaching?

Thank you for the opportunity. I don’t do one to one or phone consultations anymore. I appreciate you reaching out. If you think I could help you in less than half an hour I’d do it for a £100 donation to my foundation (diary permitting)

I have a question about a specific product or service

TDue to time restraints, there is no time capacity to answer or advise on every question I get, especially in another niche. However, if its new business OR property you’re thinking of starting these 3 questions may help you:

1. Is this a real passion?
2. Will I want to do this even when the going gets hard?
3. Could I test the market first with low risk?

You can then ask to request the below groups for more guidance around your specific question:


I have a property specific question 

TPlease join the Progressive Property Community where you find many on the ground investors happy to help and where you can share your specify property related question:


I have a business related question

Please join the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneurs Community’ where you find many business entrepreneurs and investors happy to answer your business related topic or you can buy a copy of ‘Life Leverage’ which answers a lot of questions around business:


I have a podcast suggestion or know a guest you might want to interview

Please use the contact form here

Which type of courses do you do in {property} {business} & what products do you sell?

Please look on the Progressive Property & Progressive Success website where you will find a range of courses. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please email the team:
[email protected]
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Have you got a list of apps or documentaries which will help me?

Can you donate to my charity or just giving page?

Happy to donate to a great cause if you match the donation for my foundation

I want to write a book & start a podcast, have you got any content on this?

We have various videos, blogs & podcasts around this please search the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast’, my Facebook page & my blog.

Can I call you for a chat/business idea?

Sorry, I don’t take the cold call approach. Feel free to message me on Facebook (in just a few lines) and if it’s of interest, I’ll message you back, but in the majority of time, I will have to decline. But thanks for your interest.

How else can I connect & follow you?

Can you read, give feedback and write a testimonial/forward for my book/product?

No, as I’m bound by my contract from my publishers.

I know some super-achievers who could benefit from your posts. Where do I send them to get started?

Absolutely! Send them to ‘like’ this page and introduce them to the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneurs Community’ here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DisruptiveEntrepreneursCommunity/

I love the content so much! Where can I express my thanks?

It’s my passion to reach out & help ‘Disruptive Entrepreneurs’ such as yourself. To help us reach even more people, feel free to share this page link on your Facebook page, Twitter etc

Will you write an endorsement or foreword for my book?

Your request is the most frequently asked each day by phone, email and mail. In fact it has reached a level beyond what is manageable. As a result, all such requests are being declined. We want to encourage you to keep asking people you respect and admire to provide you with an endorsement, foreword or feedback. You will eventually get a “yes”. The bottom line: Don’t take the “no’s” personally.

I have an idea that I’d like to share with you

Our plate is full! We have enough products in development for the foreseeable future So, at this time we are no longer accepting new business proposals.

I’m a writer & need advice on publishing, marketing and how to get started

I understand the challenges an author faces through their journey as a writer. As a result, I’ve designed the ‘Book Writing Club’ that provides authors with multiple resources from writing, publishing to marketing your book. Message me on Facebook & I can let you know when the next one is

Can I have permission request to use your material & any content?

Please submit your request & include the exact copy you would like to use and how you plan to use it.

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