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About Rob & the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast

The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, investor and British businessman, Rob Moore, offers a mix of disruptive content and a totally unique concept: unscripted and unedited interviews with both world famous and left-field successful entrepreneurs, exclusive “Caffeine Casts” episodes and blunt “Rob’s Rants”. The host, world record holder and multi-millionaire Rob Moore, claims that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if you learn from those already winning. Rob believes that success in all walks of life leaves clues, and it’s his mission on this podcast to reveal these traits, insights and experiences to help you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and success. Subscribe now!

Prepare to be disrupted, challenged and sometimes ranted at by an entrepreneur who has the rare mix of real life experience as an investor, entrepreneur, author and the ability to educate, inspire & entertain people in a down-to-earth way that gets results.

Twice weekly you get unique guests, disruptive content and a totally unique concept: Caffeine Casts & Rob’s Rants are exclusive, with left-field guests & continual re-invetion of the genre.

The show has had many of the biggest guests in the world, but not the common names who do the podcast circuit. It reaches millions of people in 192 countries. Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work-&-play-a-holic,’ merging his profession into his passion. The podcast is not a job, it’s Rob’s way of life. If you want innovation, creativity, disruption, you want to prove the skeptics wrong & give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the “Disruptive” podcast will help you disrupt yourself and disrupt your industry.

Amazing guests and celebrities have recorded episodes on the show, such as:

Billionaires Naveen Jain and Sir Tom Hunter, Reggie Yates, Grant Cardone, Yianni from YiannimizeCars, Maisie Williams of GoT, David Icke, Aston Merrygold of JLS, Jake Wood of Eastenders, Sir Jackie Stewart, Barry Hearn, Kevin Clifton of Strictly, Dr John Demartini, Dorian Yates & 60 more Disruptive Influencers

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Interview with Richard Reed, entrepreneur and co-founder of Innocent Drinks
Rob interviews Sahar Hashemi, entrepreneur & founder of Coffee Republic
Interview with Dorian Yates, winner of six consecutive Mr Olympia titles
Rob Moore Interviews Steve Davis 6 Time Snooker World Champion

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

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