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Why I think Joe Rogan is wrong about Clubhouse (for now)

Joe Rogan lambasts Clubhouse

Joe Rogan recently has lambasted Clubhouse, but I think he was wrong (so far at least).

Here are some lessons looking back on how I built up 286k followers & became one of the top 100 followed Clubhousers in the world!

(These are NOT just lessons from Clubhouse, but general life / content / social media lessons too).

First, if you don’t know me, they call me the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’, 18x author, investor, entrepreneur, 2x world record holder for public speaking, creator, host of the ‘Disruptors’ podcast & owner/manager of 7 businesses & 100s of properties.

I also enjoy social media & anything entrepreneurial, & my vision is to help as many people on this planet start & scale their business & get better financial knowledge. Here are the seven lessons…

1. People either seemed to love it or hate Clubhouse

Lesson: In life, people love you or hate you. Love what you do or loathe what you do. Standard behaviour. So what? I ignored the haters. Built up 286k followers: top 100 followed people in the world & made around £800k in revenue from Clubhouse in less than 12 months. They can hate on that.

2. Many of my friends, community, customers & fans; we met on Clubhouse

Lesson: Clubhouse was one of the greatest COMMUNITY Apps ever launched. I’ve made many friends in 4 continents across the world. Built over 60,000 of my 170,000 followers on Instagram from Clubhouse, been on loads of podcasts & even engaged with celebrities & billionaires, I probably would never have met if it were not for Clubhouse.

3. I got benefit from getting in on Clubhouse early(ish)

Lesson: When people you respect tell you about new Social Media Apps, then GET in EARLY & test them. I missed out on the early rise of Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tik Tok, but all of that missed opportunity energy got carried forward into Clubhouse. And now it’s a RULE. 

4. Collaboration over Competition 

Lesson: Old school thinking is you need an enemy and you must hate your adversary. That is now out dated and limited. KSI & Logan Paul, who fought and hate each other, are now collaborating on a new drinks brand Prime Hydration. Collaborate with competitors, people in & out of your industry, to grow together not against each other 

5. Clubhouse was messy at the start 

Lesson: I had no idea what I was doing. I just jumped in & figured it out along the way. Great life lesson there. Start now. Get Perfect later. Keep on keeping on. Get better as you go, not before you go.

6. Content repurposing & multi-stream living into OMNI-presence 

Lesson: It was Clubhouse that really taught me how to create 5 to 10 pieces of content from ONE piece of content. You can go live on Clubhouse while being live on Facebook or Instagram, you can go live on Clubhouse while live on other audio Apps like Wisdom or Twitter spaces. You can also record your podcast at the same time as your Clubhouse room. Great leverage, great reach into revenue and impact into income. 

7. The RISE of Audio 

Clubhouse LIFTED podcasts. Then Fireside, Greenroom, Wisdom, Twitter Spaces, FB Audio Room SpeakEasy etc. all launched off the back of it.

Lesson: BIG space to watch in 2022! Its time to get into AUDIO.

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That’s it. 

Oh, and here’s my Clubhouse profile if you want to connect. Have any other questions? Simply get in contact with me today.

Remember: If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything


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