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7 Figure, not 7 Dollar Activities (23 of them)

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed. ‘Sometimes’ he says. Ha. You can get so busy being busy, you forget to check if the hard work you are doing is smart work, or you’re just addicted to being busy or grinding out 7 dollar not 7 figure activities. 

We experience that in our 8 figure/year training business too. Why? Because we have so many ideas. Too many. Because we want to grow globally, help as many people as possible. Grow to a 9 figure/year company. 

And FOMO of course. Don’t want to miss out on anything. So to help my team, and you, I snorted a 4-shot coffee and took some serous time to consider:

What are the ‘7 figure’ activities in our training companies (Progressive Success & Progressive Property)? What tasks make 7 figures a year, or every 3 years, or could make us 7 figures. So that we could focus solely on these at the leadership and management level, and delegate and outsource the rest, especially the 7 dollar activities. So here there are, raw and internal for my team, but shared with you, to help you stay focused and maximise your revenue, income and cash activities: 

  • New partnerships & collaborations
  • Finding the new trend, product, course or event or new opportunity 
  • Finding the new ad platform 
  • Outbound sales (& managing sales team) 
  • Training trainers & finding new speaker talent 
  • Mastermind programmes: new, lifetime, scaling (implementation)
  • Global growth 
  • Great talent (hiring, managing senior managers, training the team, KRAs & max % income generating) 
  • Launch campaigns/effective marketing strategy (RE-launch existing great verticals)
  • Increasing show up rates 
  • Reading reports, tracking KPIs
  • Refining sales pitches 
  • Figuring out algorithms on socials
  • Getting client case studies/testimonials  
  • Managing good ad agencies 
  • Founders & MDs ever-more strategic 
  • Customer love, nurture, BDMs pipelining 
  • Culture & energy of team 
  • Get great mentors/specialist training 
  • Recurring income (membership/subs, debt, payment plans, speaker/partner rev.) 
  • Acquiring new companies (events, lettings, etc.)
  • IT automation & in house software & systems
  • Increase speed & reduce friction 
  • Building our following, database & costumer size & reach 

Of course, some may be more relevant than others to you and your business. Pick and choose, and please add any you feel I’ve missed in the conversation here on Linkedin.


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