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Marketing Growth That Costs Nothing (Part 1)

There are marketing tactics that can grow your business and cost nothing or virtually nothing and I’m going to share with you 8 of them in part 1 of this blog to help you grow your reach and build your following. So hopefully you’ll find this useful. 

So the first one is commenting on influencers.

  1. Influencers

Okay so if you’re able to get the top 5,000 influencers in your space and niche on Instagram and Facebook and turn on their notifications to be notified when they post, you can engage with them in a meaningful discussion and debate.

Many people have said, Oh, Rob, I’ve been seeing you commenting on some big influences and that’s what social media is for isn’t it?

I engaged with Dan Bilzerian about having no days off and he replied and as a result there were thousands of comments and I gained 6,000 followers on my Instagram in no time at all. Now, I wasn’t trying to scrape his audience, I was trying to engage with him and get a discussion going which is what social media is for.

So if you do that and you do that regularly and you do that in your niche, then you’re going to build your own following for free.

  1. Post an influencer quote and get a discussion going

The next thing you can do is to listen to influencers and content creators and take some quotes that you find interesting and discussion-worthy and you can create a post on it and get a discussion going on their content.

Now, one thing big influencers are probably struggling with is the volume of content they’ve got to post 1-2-5-9 times a day, so they’re probably struggling. So tagging them in may draw them to you for a discussion and you’ll naturally gain some new followers.

  1. Create content for influencers and send it to them

The third thing you do is to create content for influencers and creators and send it to them and say, Hey, look, you know, I’m a fan and follower of your work, feel free to use this content I created for you and it often works.

  1. Clubhouse rooms

Next is Clubhouse rooms and I’m doing regular rooms, daily rooms and random rooms on very specific subjects and you need to be listening passively and getting involved in rooms as you need to be seen by people in order to engage and interact with them further. Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that allows you to join a themed room where you can listen to a speaker or panel of speakers, ask your questions and engage with experts. 

And I think it’s really hot right now is because it was launched during COVID when obviously more and more people have been engaged online and also because it’s primarily audio-based and you could be in the gym, building Lego, running around and you can still be constantly consuming Clubhouse content.

So, I guess it’s kind of like a podcast but live, and it can go on for hours and you can in real-time choose the subject of your content you want to consume and these are known as Clubhouse rooms. 

You can go into other people’s clubhouse rooms and get up on the stage and get known and answer questions on your field of knowledge and expertise and you can even start your own rooms.

  1. Repurposing content

Okay, repurposing is next then. So I’m going to tell you a little secret here, I do regular content, roughly three pieces of content a day and repurpose and distribute it over Facebook, the Disruptive Entrepreneur and LinkedIn, I could then take it and edit it up and put it on YouTube with little exerts on Instagram.

The creator economy is here. The decentralisation of media control is now giving power to the individual creator. The vast social media platforms are competing for creators like you. They are rewarding you with many monetisation features and the new ones with reach and virality. That is for another article entirely, but in order to stay ahead of your competition and leverage this great opportunity, you need smart content repurposing that gives omni-presence, and the feeling that you are doing content 100 hours a week, when you are highly leveraging your time. 

So when you repurpose content across multiple channels, it gives you extra leverage instead of having to record and produce multiple pieces of content per platform, per day. And why is that free growth tactics, because each time you put it on a new channel, you get more interest, you get more engagement, you get more comments and then naturally you gain more followers.

  1. Pay commission for people to promote your product and services

Pay 50% commissions to your followers and fans to promote your products and services. If you offer them really juicy commissions anyone will want to promote your business for you and if you offer them a decent, healthy and sexy commission they’re way more likely to do it.

Okay, so if you have an information product as £1,000 offer them £500. I’ll offer 50% commission share on anyone who helps me sell my podcast online masterclass, why wouldn’t I? It’s online and there’s not a massive overhead.

Aim to pay as much as you can and you will gain more followers, more promotion and promoters will come to you and push your work out to the masses. 

  1. Launch an ambassador programme

So an ambassador program is where people refer you and your product or service in exchange for a referral fee. Now I could give you some strategies and tactics on this, but I’m going to give you a little shortcut and that’s a book recommendation because I built my entire ambassador programme around one book.

And we now do more than seven figures a year just in our ambassador programme from our referral partners, our ambassadors and our affiliates, So you definitely want one of them set up.

  1. Collaborations

So you can go to people, go to as many people as you can in your niche or in a related niche and collaborate. You can grow your business by sharing shout outs, reciprocal promotions and anything that helps you and helps the business that you’re collaborating with increase their reach and get in front of a new audience. 

So Let’s say Grant Cardone wanted to do a shout out collaboration with me, he’s got a bigger following than me. so I’d probably put a post on my Facebook page, my TDE page, my podcast and my Instagram to try and over deliver for him and in return Grant may post on one of his platforms.

Using this strategy you can shoot for the bigger influencers and nowadays they’re actually looking to work with these mid-level influencers that have smaller communities of dedicated fans, rather than work with larg influencers with a huge following but little engagement. 

Understand the values of your team and give them things that will motivate them using your knowledge of their values. E.g. allowing them to leave early to pick up their kids. Find this out by simply asking them what is most important to them in their life.

Okay, that’s it for part 1. I’ll be back with another post with 10 more tips and tricks to grow your marketing and that cost you absolutely nothing. 

Rob Moore


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