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Content Repurposing & OMNI-Presence to Leverage the Creator Economy

For the first time ever, here is a week in my personal content creation, planning and repurposing strategy, across all social media. It might surprise you. 

I get asked for this a lot, and as a value add to my community, here it is broken down step by step in full detail. It’s longer than usual, but more in depth than ever before…

People often say ‘it’s alright for you Rob’, because:

  • You’re devilishly good looking
  • And if you believe that… haha
  • You have a team
  • You are a content machine
  • You have money to invest
  • I don’t have all of that…

Well you have more time and resources than you think. You can start now (where you are) and get perfect later and build up to this…

I’ll break this down for you into 3 sections:

1. Rob’s content creation
2. Repurposing strategy
3. Rob’s team behind the scenes

Plus 4. How you can start with ONE piece of content, on a small budget

Rob’s weekly content plan and ACTION – (timeframes are rough guides/averages)

  • 1x interview for The Disruptive Entrepreneur: 90mins a week (includes research and prep)
  • 1x Robs Rant, 1x Caffeine Cast and 1x Money podcast episodes: 90 mins a week (includes research and prep)
  • 2x Facebook lives: 60 mins a week
  • 2x Supporter Facebook lives: 90 mins of work a week (includes research and prep) (NOT performed by Rob)
  • 5-10x public lives (mentoring sessions, being interviewed for podcasts): 8 hours (multi-streamed via. Streamyard, see below)
  • 5x Pre recorded content (short): 1 hour a week
  • 2x Pre recorded content (long): 90 mins a week
  • 10x clubhouse rooms: 16 hours a week (total ACTIVE time: 8x hours
  • 5x blog/articles: 2 hours
  • 7x posts for Facebook, (page, 2x groups): 90 mins (to be optimised and repurposed for blogs, emails, social media etc)
  • 7x Instagram posts: 0 mins (see below)
  • 2x Public speeches: 2 hours
  • Stories: 20x a week: 60 mins
  • Comments & engagement: 3x hours

Totals Without Clubhouse, (excl. Instagram & stories):

  • Total pieces created by Rob: 39x a week
  • Total research time: 4-5 hours
  • Total content creation time (inc comments): 20.5 hours
  • Total hours: 25 hours
  • Average time per piece of content: 45mins

WITH Clubhouse:

  • Total pieces created by Rob: 49x a week
  • Total research time: 6 hours
  • Total content creation time (inc comments): 32.5 hours

Total hours: 38 hours
Average time per piece of content: 47mins

REPURPOSING strategy from Rob’s weekly content plan & ACTION –

  • 1x interview for The Disruptive Entrepreneur:
  • 2x lives (Linkedin, YouTube)
  • 3x YouTube videos
  • 10x shorts (YT, Reels, Tik Toks)
  • 3x shorts for guests
  • 1x email
  • 1x Robs Rant, 1x Caffeine Cast and 1x Money podcast:
  • 3x lives
  • 3x YouTube videos
  • 6x shorts
  • 2x Facebook lives:
  • 2x – 4x lives via Streamyard (YouTube, Linkedin)
  • 5-10x public lives (mentoring sessions, being interviewed for podcasts):
  • 10x lives via Streamyard (YouTube, Linkedin)
  • 10x shorts
  • 10x audio/video for guests/interviewers
  • 2x emails
  • 5x Pre recorded content (short):
  • 5x Tik Toks
  • 5x Reels
  • 5x YT shorts
  • 2x Pre recorded content (long):
  • 4x shorts
  • 2x mid (Linkedin)
  • 1x email
  • 10x clubhouse rooms: 16 hours a week (total ACTIVE time):
  • 5x podcast episodes/ideas
  • 5x interview requests
  • 2x speaking gig requests
  • 2x emails
  • 5x blog/articles:
  • 5x FB posts
  • 5x LInkedin posts
  • 2x emails
  • 7x posts for Facebook, (page, 2x groups):
  • 2x emails
  • 3x Linkedin posts
  • 2x articles
  • 7x Instagram posts: (repurposed by team from existing content)
  • 2x Public speeches:
  • 1x podcast ep.
  • 4x shorts
  • 2x mid/other
  • Stories: 20x a week:
  • 20x FB stories
  • 20x Linkedin stories
  • Other: Medium, Reddit, Twitter, text/image posts & quotes, other FB groups, etc.
  • 20x per week
  • Comments & engagement: 3 hours from VA

TOTAL original content pieces: 49/week (some leveraged)
TOTAL inc. full repurposing: 189 NEW(plus original 49) = 238

1 piece of original content creates on average 5 NEW pieces of repurposed content, and I’m looking to level that up further. But you can create a dozen or more from ONE master, central piece. See below…

Rob’s SUPPORT team & hours worked on Rob’s content & brand, to create 238 pieces of content per week (approx):

  • Youtube Specialist: 10 hours a week (repurposing and optimising videos for YouTube, keyword research, livestreams)
  • Brand Manager: 10 hours a week (managing and posting in communities on all channels)
  • Researchers: 10 hours a week (Getting and booking guests and content/question research)
  • Social Video Editor: 20 hours a week (repurposing video content and optimising for Tiktok, instagram, Reels, shorts, etc)
  • Podcast Producer: 4 hours a week (editing, managing and scheduling the podcasts)
  • Support videographer: 5 hours a week (running livestreams, guest tech tests etc)
  • Copywriter: 7 hours a week (producing show notes for podcasts and blogs for the websites)

Total estimated time input from the team: 66 hours/week from the team.

Before this full, omni-presence content repurposing strategy, we would get 100,000s of views and engagement per month on average. NOW we get the following, on average, per WEEK:

  • Combined weekly reach in excess of 3.5 million
  • Combined weekly video views around 1.5 million
  • Combined weekly engagement over 250,000

Let’s say this volume is a bit overwhelming for you. Start with one podcast episode a week, let’s say an interview. Then livestream it on Facebook to both your and your guests page, through your phone. Save the recording in HD, and you have:

1. 2x Facebook lives
2. One pre-recorded long form piece
3. One long for audio piece.

If you are smart with your research, you can feed into the questions in the interview:

1. Questions/keywords that have high search volume on Google and YouTube, that can be extracted for YouTube, YouTube shorts and Blogs
2. Controversial, polarising or topical discussion points, that can be extracted for the above, and even Reels & Tik Toks
3. Specific 30 second cuts, like quick fire Q&As, that can be repurposed for YouTube Shorts, Tik Toks, Instagram Reels and Stories.

Just on this ‘lite’ version of content repurposing, with just a few hours of video and audio editing, you can turn one 60 minute piece into a dozen or more pieces quite quickly and easily.

The creator economy is here. The decentralisation of media control is now giving power to the individual creator. The vast social media platforms are competing for creators like you. They are rewarding you with many monetisation features and the new ones with reach and virality. That is for another article entirely, but in order to stay ahead of your competition and leverage this great opportunity, you need smart content repurposing that gives omni-presence, and the feeling that you are doing content 100 hours a week, when you are highly leveraging your time. 

I hope this has been useful, it’s the first time I have revealed thus behind the scenes strategy, and since Clubhouse at the start of 2021, my team and I have been ever-increasing our content repurposing and omni-presence, and it has resulted in 5x plus views, listens and almost 10x reach. 

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments over on Facebook, where I have shared my social channels so you can see the content repurposing for yourself.

If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything

Written by Rob Moore

Written by Rob Moore

Rob Moore; host of "Disruptors” & a ‘disruptive' Entreprenuer:

He disrupted the property investing world, with over 1,350 property rental units managed/owned/sold
Became a millionaire by age 31
He disrupted the business world with public 3x longest speech world records
Disrupted books by being a best-selling author of 19 books on money, business & investing
14 companies &multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses
He disrupted the influencer world with his global podcast, Disruptors, with over 1,000 episodes & a community of over 3 million followers across all platforms

Rob's mission: to help as many people on the planet get better financial knowledge and help YOU make, manage and multiply more money through multiple streams of income


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