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Top 10 Best business podcasts every entrepreneur should be listening to – 2018

As a podcast host myself, I am often asked, “Rob, what are the best podcasts you listen to”? I listen to a lot, especially on business, personal growth and property, and podcasts have changed my life. Here are my top 10 best podcasts, on the subject of business, money and motivation-mindset. I will try to give a balanced view including a critical eye, giving upsides and downsides.

They are all free podcasts, and I have listened to pretty much every episode of each one. I have hand picked these from dozens I listen to, over nearly 5 years. You will note two of them should be at the top but they are at the bottom, and you will see why when you get to the end. There’s a link to each one, and I am not affiliated with any except the ones I run myself, which have no ads or charges to you.

Top 10 entrepreneur podcasts

1. Masters of scale

Concept: Showing how companies have grown from zero to millions or billions. The podcast series unfolds like a music-infused detective story as Reid Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders.
Upsides: Questions, content & insights are always thought-provoking for anyone in business, at any level. Not the same rehashed content & non-conventional wisdom. The combination of storytelling & narration is also like watching documentary tv show without the screen. A real insight into disruptive entrepreneurs and companies. Real deal interviewer and guest, not the usual journeymen.
Downsides: Too many unnecessary and irrelevant ads. The host is a billionaire investor so no need to slay your golden Goose. Sometimes there are 3 ads in one sub 30 minute podcast.

2. Trailblazers

Concept: A great choice of digital disruption. The podcast explores the unknown drama behind some of the world’s biggest past & present & digital disruptions, the daring trailblazers willing to think differently & the entrepreneurial lessons learned along the way.
Upsides: Walter Isaacson is a masterful storyteller, who keeps you engaged throughout the story – bringing in experts, witnesses & clarity to each podcast episode. He goes back through history & brings back to life historical disruptions that tell a story in the modern world, rather than using Steve jobs & Elon Musk as the usual, go to for stores and examples. Isaacson is well researched with his experience of writing great biographies including “Steve jobs”.
Downsides: Highly edited so not as natural as it could be. It’s a little picky as the podcast is really good. More conversations with successful people rather than stories about them would be great too, but as many of them are dead that’s not so easy.

3. Mark My Words

Concept: Host Mark Homer, author of “Low Cost High Life” and “ common Sense”, takes you on on a detailed and uncompromising delve into the more technical, sceptical side of businesses and entrepreneurship. Mark is an eccentric and introverted businessman (and my business partner), and as such this podcast goes into areas that are not run of the mill, like “How to Get Champagne Cars on Lemonade Money” and “How to ‘Hack’ the BA Air Miles System” which are practical and granular. You can see Mark has on the ground experience, a questioning eye and no salesmanship.
Upsides: Mark’s unconventional theories on money, property, investing and business is like noting else out there.
Downsides: Some episodes are so specific, like on commercial property planning regulations, that they may not be relevant to everyone. Sometimes misses episodes and I’d like to see him do more.

4. James Altucher show

Concept: Altucher is part mad scientist, part hedge fund manager, part chess prodigy, part life hacker, with an added dash of honesty about the world that people can’t resist, where he interviews many top entrepreneurs including, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin,& Tucker Max on business and entrepreneurship. He also talks about life, business, & how to succeed at both, while doing good and paying it forward.
Upsides: Not only great guests but a focused framework of questioning which is insightful, deep & purposeful. Altucher has a different energy & style that is self-depricating, fresh & honest.
Downsides: Sometimes it’s hard to stay interested on a topic where the same question is asked 4/5 different ways or where the host tries to rephrase every answer. A self-admitted serial interruptor means sometimes flow is scatty. Some good guests but some ‘me too’ guests. And too many irrelevant ads. Sometimes you don’t feel uplifted 7 that things are difficult because of so much introspection so if you are looking for rah-rah motivation this isn’t the podcast for you. That could be seen as a good thing by some.

5. Progressive Property Podcast

Concept: The Progressive Property podcast does what it says on the tin: it is a podcast all about property. Progressive Property is my company, and the PP podcast goes into many areas of property and real estate such as flipping, sourcing, selling on deals and commercial property, not just buy to let. The host Peter Jones has over 60 properties and has been investing for 25 years, and as such you get wisdom and experience (and easy listening) that you don’t get on other podcasts. Good for new and more experienced investors alike.
Upsides: No ads and real life information, not theory. Investor case studies and interviews. Very approachable, natural host. Varied episodes and formats.
Downsides: There was a presenter change a dozen episodes in. Could do with some really big name guest interviews (there are some, but not enough).

6. Finding mastery

Concept: A podcast that takes you inside the rugged and high-stakes environments of those on the path of mastery, to explore how they train minds to be at their very best. Gervais unpacks and decodes each guest’s journey, psychological framework and mindset skills and practices. Very varied guests and good concept.
Upsides: A unique interview style. Has a psychology and coaching programme so can probe well and draw out nuggets. Really varied guests, and some great ones too. And not the same run of the mill guests doing the podcast rounds.
Downsides: Sometimes the questions are very ‘coachy’. Sometimes he is too overt and wastes too much time trying to re-stress the point the guest made, rather than letting the guest make the point. The listener will pick up the point, and Gervais could focus on drawing more out from the guest. Some intros are too long. now asks you for money (it is worth it though in my view).

7. Money

Concept: How to make, manage and master money. Launched off the back of my book “Money”. A newer podcast compared to some in this top 10 podcasts list. How to know more, make more and give more money. How to save, invest and raise money. The story, history and psychology of money. Basically, all things money, for anyone in a career or starting or scaling their business.
Upsides: Strangely, there are not many podcasts purely on money that cover practical tips for individuals to learn more about money. The hosts real life experience and being a self-made millionaire himself, and not just a host. The leverage from the book “Money”. The wide range of money related topics. There hosts pro-money and no holds barred approach
Downsides: A new podcast so some of the best/biggest guests are still to come. Very direct and it could be said biased (the upsides of money).

8. How I built this

Concept: This podcast weaves a narrative journey about “innovators, entrepreneurs & idealists & the movements they built”.
Upsides: The storytelling is excellent & each episode isn’t a “Look at how much wealth I’ve accumulated” or celebration of the company. It focusses on the nitty gritty of the hard beginnings of companies & draws out the interesting stories of the lifecycles. Some great, huge guests and also big names that don’t do the podcast circuit.
Downsides: Repetitive after a while as the concept is always the same. Too many repeats of shows, and excuses like “we’re on the road so here’s an oldie”. I get that it might be hard to maintain such high quality guests, but I think they could disrupt a little and be more creative. Predictable lead in to ads.

9. The Bottom Line

Concept: A UK podcast, hosted by Dragon’s Den presenter Ewan Davis, that includes three or four business leaders or entrepreneurs talking about business issues in response to five or six topical questions. Practical, concise and relevant to current business affairs.
Upsides: Interesting guests, who specialise and are credible. The presenter keeps them on track, with clear and concise questions, which provides useful analysis with each episode. Great for when you’re on the move, well worth the investment of 30 minutes a week for anyone interested in business. Carefully edited. Not hypey.
Downsides: Can be a bit vanilla. Sometimes too many guests spoil the episode. Sometimes not a deep enough dive into the subject. Whilst topical episodes go out of date quickly.

10. Disruptive Entrepreneur

Before we start; this is my podcast. It launched in January 2016, has to date nearly 1.5million subscriptions in 189 countries, and of course I am biased about the quality of this podcast. I will attempt to give an unbiased review.
Concept: The Disruptive Entrepreneur looks at finding a range of ‘Disruptive’ & sometimes non-household guests for interviews. They range from well-known business names & celebrities to inspiring people with world-changing ideas & extraordinary ‘disruptive’ stories. It has a UK focus which is rare & that makes it unique from many of the rest of the podcasts.
Upsides: No ads & no selling. Guests get put to the test and get asked questions they might not normally get asked, which gives them a chance to tell stories & share information they may have never had the opportunity to tell before. This aims to provide a unique piece of content on each episode, even if you have heard the guest before. You haven’t heard them like this. The podcast has four concepts/episode types to keep it fresh: interviews, deep dive content from Rob, ‘mini rants’ & ‘caffeine casts’ episodes; the shorter ones ideal for your daily commutes which include bursts of inspiration & motivation.
Downsides: There is a lot of content from one person. There are multiple concepts where as people might like the familiarity of a set format each time (like “How I Built This”). more audience engagement & Q&As would be good (& that is next on ‘Disrupting’ my own podcast, & coming soon)

I hope you found this ‘best business podcasts’ review useful. There are dozens more I listen to, if you want to connect and discuss what they are & engage in a conversation, join me in this community:

Written by Rob Moore

Written by Rob Moore

Rob Moore; host of "Disruptors” & a ‘disruptive' Entreprenuer:

He disrupted the property investing world, with over 1,350 property rental units managed/owned/sold
Became a millionaire by age 31
He disrupted the business world with public 3x longest speech world records
Disrupted books by being a best-selling author of 19 books on money, business & investing
14 companies &multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses
He disrupted the influencer world with his global podcast, Disruptors, with over 1,000 episodes & a community of over 3 million followers across all platforms

Rob's mission: to help as many people on the planet get better financial knowledge and help YOU make, manage and multiply more money through multiple streams of income


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