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#TheMoneyPodcast: 6 ways to make £30k in 30-90 Days

I know this is a late evening for me, early for most people, late for me. But this is important. I’ve been getting asked a lot by people who, either really want to make a fast start, or make some quick cash, or struggling, and need to sort of get some cash to get themselves out of a hole.

So, I thought, I’ll talk about 6 ways to raise £30,000 in 60 to 90 days. These are the 6 ways I think work the quickest, easiest, probably the most realistically achievable for most people out there. They’re all a bit different. They may not all work for you. But, if you need to dig yourself out of a quick cash challenge or hole, or you want to start fast, consider the following.

Of course, you need to get yourself trained and educated. That’s simple. These don’t just magic out of thin air. But anyway, you know that. This isn’t get-rich-quick. But it’s get rich pretty damn quick, as quick as you can, without being in the get-rich-quick.

1. Webinar

The first thing is to run a webinar. Launch a webinar. The great thing about webinars, is, you can promote them on social media for free. You probably have existing contacts and connections, anyway. You can give a 90-minutes, even 2 hours of really good value content. Then you can bridge in to sell a product, a service, a consultancy, or whatever it is that you have on offer.

That is just go to something like, Gotowebinar, or Webinarjam. Take the lowest cost account. Think about what content you can share, that you know well, that you have credibility on and it’s monetizable. Then run your webinar. Make sure the content is good. Link the content to the offer. Then make the pitch.

2. Mastermind programme

The second thing that you could do, is, you could sell a Mastermind programme. Someone asked me, look, I need to get 40 grand in 2 months. I said, well, what do you know? What do you do? What do you know and do better than anyone else? She tells me about her business model. There’s definitely a market for mentoring others in that business model. So I said to her, well, you should set up a mastermind then.

I run masterminds in my house. So, this is my living room that you can see there. Sorry, if you’re listening to The Money Podcast, you can’t. But we get what? 12 of us in my living room. We can squeeze 15, if it’s nice and cosy. I have mastermind once a month. It is called, Inner Circle Mastermind Elite. That’s on business. I have a property mastermind called, Rob and Mark VIP Level.

They’re not cheap. But we’ll talk about the money side of it in a minute. I have a Business Mentor Academy, which is a mastermind programme. So, a mastermind is between 6 and maybe 15 people. If you need to raise 40 grand, you might have 8 people at 5 grand, or 10 people at 4 grand. It could be 6 months or a year. And you host a Mastermind Day, where you are the mentor. Everyone gets an equal amount of time to work on their business.

Of course you have to have credibility in it, before the critics come out and say, oh, Rob said to anyone to go and run courses. You have to have credibility on the thing that you’re running in the mastermind on. But we’ve all got knowledge, experience that we’ve had our whole life. It could be previous corporate experience that you bring into a more entrepreneurial space.

If you sold a year’s worth of masterminding for 3 to 5 grand, that’s not going to be that hard to sell. You’re going to be able to put a nice package in proposition together there. And bang, it’s a very quick way of making really good money. Of course, you’ve got to deliver the service. That’s really important to me to do that. The easiest part is taking the money, sometimes.

3. Sell all of the stuff you don’t want

The third thing then, is, to go around your house, get all of the stuff you don’t want. Flog it on online ecommerce sites like, eBay. Go around to your neighbours and your friends’ houses, cut a deal with them. Try and get up to 50 percent of the money for flogging it all on eBay or ecommerce sites. I’ve done this. I do it with my sister, by the way. My sister sells a lot of my stuff. Then she sells some of our Progressive products and services as well. We do a 50-50 split.

Then you need to take the money that you’ve made, and you arbitrage, which is buying products in sales, or at discounted prices at certain points in the year, and then you flip them. That is quite a big strategy right now, ecommerce or retail arbitrage. I don’t know, if there’s going to be as easy as running a Mastermind or a webinar. It depends on where you’ve got a little bit of an advantage. Again, I’m not judging your position here. I’m just giving you some ideas.

But I remember actually, in 2005, I like a half decent Hi-If. It’s probably worth 5 or 6 grand on my components. Flog all of them. I had a drum kit like, a really cool expensive double pedal. Flogged all that. I just had all this sort of bits and bobs that I had accrued, because I wasn’t very good at managing money. I was buying liabilities. And I flogged them all. And I’ve got a good few grand for it.

Then I re-mortgaged a property that I lived in. I turned it from repayment mortgage to interest only. And I had a couple of deposits for properties. So, that leads me onto the next thing.

And that is to look at refinancing an asset. Now, I’m not a financial advisor although I’ve bought hundreds of properties over the last 13 years. I feel like I’m relatively qualified, but I’m not giving you financial advice. You should speak to a proper broker about this.

For many people who are on repayment mortgages. They’re paying quite a lot of money. They might be on older rates. So, going to a broker and looking at what equity you’ve got in your property. Maybe, even converting it into interest-only, or just changing the deal on the mortgage that you have, you could liberate some funds. I know a lot of people who’ve done that to start property investing. They bought a few houses, because they have free deposits.

Sometimes, when you refinance, you actually pay less per month. Because you changed the mortgage deal, or like I said, you go from repayment to interest-only. So, that’s the 4th way to raise 30 grand in 60 to 90 days.

4. Launch a product

The 4th way then, is, to do a launch, a product launch. So, whatever product or service that you have, that you sell, do an official launch of it, or a relaunch. Now, I’ve never used to really do launches in the early years. Because I guess my fear, was, if I do a launch like, a one-day launch or a one-week launch, and then I don’t sell the amount of products or services that I want to, and I’ve told everyone that it’s launched, i.e., opens, and then it closes. They called it the open and shut launch, then I kind of feel like, I’ve painted myself into a corner. What am I going to do, if sales aren’t as good?

But time and time, and time and time, and time and time again, like dozens of times, I have proven that you will sell a lot more products in a short amount of time, if you have a proper launch process, where you have a build-up, a prelaunch, a launch, and a close, and then maybe a post-launch afterwards on your, either new product, new service, a revamped existing product or service, or just like I said, a relaunch of something that you’ve done before, but you’ve never really sold very well.

Now, I did a podcast on my Podcast, The Disruptive Entrepreneur, and it’s called, Product Launch System, something like that. I took my entire prelaunch, post-launch, and close. Sorry. It’s late for me. So, I did my entire launch process: the prelaunch, the launch, the closing, the post-launch, and then the occasional sort of reopening of the launch on another episode. So, you can go in and listen to that on The Disruptive Entrepreneur for a bit more detail.

But someone said, oh well, sometimes, the difficulty is the reach, or the customers, or whatever. But, if you join pretty much every Facebook Group linked to your niche, if you go to all your contacts, if you look at maybe, an email database that you may have built, check the GDPR compliance there, then you’ll actually find you’ll reach quite a few people. You could do a small amount of Facebook Ads. Try and get a bit more reach. You could update your Page and your Profile on Facebook, your Instagram. Do a YouTube video. You could record an audio for a future podcast. LinkedIn is really huge at the moment in getting great reach. So, actually, when you stack it all up, there’s a lot more reach out there than you think.

Now, if you’re smart, what you’ll do, is, you’ll continually out content out there like, I do on podcasts, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on video lives, on YouTube, et cetera to build some goodwill. So, you’ll get yourself reach. You’ll get yourself mind space and exposure. You know, you’re in their mind, because you’re regularly on their feed. You’ll give good value to build goodwill and trust. Then when it comes to your launch or your need to get this 30 grand in 30 to 90 days. Then you’ve built a lot of goodwill using the law of reciprocity that you can then cash in.

Okay, what we’ve covered so far? Running a webinar. Setting up a Mastermind. Selling all you stuff, then reinvesting the money and using the retail arbitrage strategy, refinancing a property or an asset, where you might be able to get a longer term or interest-only rather than repayment.

5. Packaging and selling property deals

This is quite property specific. I say this, because I have a lot of property followers. If you’re not in property, you’ve got to get some knowledge first. But packaging and selling property deals. One of the challenges early property investors have, is, they don’t have big deposits. We have a training vertical called, Deal Packaging, which is selling deals to other investors.

If you think about it, if you’re going to go into the estate agents to try and buy a house, how many properties would you view before you might be able to buy one, even if you have the cash ready. I don’t know, it might be 5, 10, 20. What you’re doing with the 4, 9 and 19 deals that you didn’t buy. Well, these are packagable, i.e., these are put a little document together up the top line figures, the gross and the net. You know, a few pictures, a bit sort of maybe… I lost the word. A little blurb about the area of the investment, whatever better word for blurb is. And you can sell those deals onto investors.

It’s usually in the lower value areas, i.e., up north in England, or the lower cost areas, 3 to 5 grand per package deal. In the south, and in London, it can be £5,000 to £10,000 per deal or more. So, a lot of people can get a fast start in property by selling package deals.

There are some people out there that say, you can retire in 5 minutes through property world. Actually, you can’t. There are some people making some pretty outrageously bold claims. One thing I can say and claim with complete volition, is, you only need to sell one deal at 3 to 5 grand. If your salary is 3 to 5 grand, then you have replaced your salary.

Now, of course, you have to sell one deal every month to replace your salary. But it’s pretty quick, and it’s certainly something that many innovative investors are making a quicker money on. It can be a bridge between getting out of your job, or raising that quick cash, and then becoming a fully-fledged property investor later on.

6. Launch a course

Then the 6th thing, is, to launch a course. I said a Mastermind. But you might be able to launch a training course. What is it that you do that you do really well, that you do better than others, that your customers, your clients, or Facebook Groups or communities, there seems to be demand that they want? What could you run a course on? Now, you could go for lower volume, higher fee like 1,500, 2,000, 3,000. You can have 10 people, then you’ve got your 30 grand. Or, you could do an online course, which is you sell at a lower price, but you sell it at higher volume. You might charge 500 quid. You need 60 of them for your 30 grand. Job done.

So, let me summarise these then.

• You can launch a webinar, but good content on there. Promote that all on the free and low-cost media channels, the social media channels. Then make some offer for your product and services at the end of it. if you don’t have any products and services, what you can do, is, you can sell other people’s products and services as an affiliate.

• So, our ambassadors get paid between 10 and 20 percent of all the referrals they put out our way depending on what’s on offer. So, like, Rob and Mark VIP, is, 50 grand. If you’ve got one client on that, then you’re getting 5 to 10 grand. That’s not bad money from just offering someone else’s product or service. So, even if you don’t have your own product, this can be done. I’m not saying, it’s easy. I’m saying, it can be done.

• But let’s be honest, if you’re in a bit of a hole, or you just really want to get out of your job and earn money quickly. Then if I said to you, but within the next 90 days, the person that you love the most on this planet is going to get kidnapped, and you’ll never going to see him again, unless you raise 30 grand in 30 to 90 days, it’s done. You’ll find out how. And I think these 6 ways are probably the quickest.

• So, running a Mastermind programme, which is where you’re sort of a mentor, but in a group. If you charge 4 grand, you need 8. If you’ve got 40, you need 6, and you’re well over your 30 grand that you need.

• Arbitraging retail, you know, if you’re planning your diary through the year, Black Fridays, the SECRETSALES times, you get to know certain brands when they discount certain items are really cheap price. Even in like supermarkets, where they have maybe electronic goods or other products and services that they knock off quite cheap. There are certain times in the year.

• If you plan that in advance, and buy them, and then flip them on ecommerce or retail size online, there’s decent money in that with pretty low risk, unless you go and ship in massive container’s full of products from China that you’ve never tested before, in which case there’s big risks. I’m giving you my warnings here. That’s certainly got me started in the early days selling a load of my stuff.

Okay. I think I’ve covered them all, 6 fast ways to make 30 grand in 30 to 90 days. Hope you’ve found it useful. Thanks for putting up with a few of my mental blocks. It’s late for me. Remember, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.

By the way, quickly before you go. If you think there’s anyone who’s struggling for money a bit, share this with them. Like, let’s put the good word out there, and help people realise you can actually make money a lot quicker than you think. If you’ve got a viable business model, then yeah, you can be 2-3 months and you can transition from job to working for yourself, or get yourself out of that financial hole, if you’ve got a bit stuck. Like I’ve said, I have quite a few people recently that said, hey, Rob, I’m in a bit of a financial hole. I’m a bit stuck. I need 10 grand a week. I need 30 grand in a month. I need 40 grand in 2 months. So, hopefully, this helps you.


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