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Interview with Julian Dunkerton, the Co-Founder of Superdry


Julian Dunkerton, Co-Founder of Superdry – huge business. All self-funded. He has many different business ventures. He talks about politics a lot ( in the podcast) He’s very passionate about staying and remaining. He talks about his business journey, how he funded his businesses, how he started his businesses. I took some of the community questions. I read out the names of the people who ask. I want to do that more for you.

But a couple of things I just wanted to talk about, before this interview, was, what he was telling me as he was showing me around. So, he showed me around his bars, which were packed out. He showed me in a new hotel he’s building, which wasn’t quite finished. It’s going to be finished in a few days. It didn’t look like it was ready. But he said it’ll be done.

He said that when you walk into a retail outlet or a shop, a bar, it has to make you feel something. It has to create a mood within you. You have to create love. You have to make people feel comfortable. He kept saying that over and over, and over. Make people feel comfortable. Make them feel your love and your passion. Surprise them with visual elements.

There were pictures on the ceiling. They were sort of the wrong way around. There were all these details in the chairs, in the walls, in all these boutique, unique elements that had been bought like, mirrors all one-offs. He very much had that attitude towards building his brands. He actually founded Cult Clothing. He does fashion and products and brands, that are very different to everyone else.

He’s invited me back down. And he’s given me his suite to stay with my wife, which is pretty exciting. They cooked us Chateaubriand steak afterwards. So, it’s a really, really fantastic this experience. I just sort of wanted to capture that on the way back.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Here is the interview with the Co-Founder of Superdry, Julian Dunkerton:


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