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The Great Big Opportunity Right Now!

A huge new opportunity has just emerged for you over the next 90 days or so. I’m not going to be talking about, say for example, ecommerce, which has gone wild. It’s a great business and cashflow opportunity in these disruptive times. I’m also not going to talk about reflecting and considering the rest of your life, because you have 90 days.

What I’m going to talk about, is, something I’ve labelled or given a name, accelerated immersion. People tell me all the time, when they want to start or scale their business, or they want to be successful at something, or have a new career change, they say all the time, I don’t have time. They say all the time, I’m too busy, I’ve got too many responsibilities. I’m overwhelmed. I’ve got too much going on. I’ve got other priorities, et cetera.

I’ve been hearing that excuse, well, you could say reason, but let’s call it an excuse. I’ve been hearing that for 15 years. I’ve always thought in my mind, well, I don’t think that’s true. I think that you make a priority what’s important to you. So, you find a way or an excuse. And I’ve seen thousands of people become very successful as a start and scale-up entrepreneur. Because it mattered to them. It meant something. It was important. It was urgent. It was necessary. They had a burning desire, et cetera. But right now, it’d probably the first time in our lifetime, all those excuses had been taken away from us. I don’t have time. Well, you do now. It’s not important enough to me. Well, maybe it is now.

That creates an opportunity I never thought would come. I never thought I’d see, where the main excuses that everyone had over and over about starting the business, scaling the business, making more money, pivoting, creating a new lifestyle, a new career, getting shit done, stopping the procrastination and overwhelm, and just making things happen. We have been given a golden opportunity. A golden opportunity. Like, I said, I’m calling that, accelerated immersion.

Let’s go back before this kicked off. Let’s say that you really wanted to start a new venture, or to scale your existing venture or create a new product or service. Imagine, if you could have had a pause button, where you could have gone, right, I’m going to pause the world for 90 days. I get this one time. It’s like the red button. It’s like the bee sting. It stings once, and the bee dies. You’ve got this one button. You can use it once. You get to pause the whole world for 90 days. And everything stops.

You get 90 days for free to create new vision, new strategy, to go into accelerated immersion, and learning, to do all the online courses you wanted to do, to maybe even test the homeschooling, to spend time with your family, and create a new routine, and listen to the podcast and the audiobooks that you’ve been putting on the shelf for ages. You have 90 days to do that, whatever it is to you.

Well, that time is now. You have that time right now. Right Now!! I know some people say, well, what about parents? Well, maybe, there’s a husband and a wife. Maybe, you can rotate. If there’s a single parent, well, create a bit of a routine, and giving them some exercises, and some games, and some activities. You’re working in between them. We’re all in different situations. Some people are in the public sector, and they’re being paid. Other people like self-employed people, they’re not being paid at all. So, we’re all in a different situation.

But the reality, is that, we’ve all been given 90 days, where we don’t have to go to work, where we can’t go to a pub, a club, a bar, a restaurant. We can’t go out. We can’t see anyone. And that’s actually a massive gift. It’s a massive gift. I think there’s going to be 2 types of people that look back. One type of person is going to spend the 90 days in their pants watching Netflix, eating Easter eggs for breakfast. I admit, I just ate an Easter egg for breakfast. And hoping that the world will go back to normal, and going slightly insane, and being a bit overweight, and a bit crazy, and having cabin fever. Then taking another 3 months to kind of get back in a routine. That’s going to be one type of person.

Another type of person is going to be someone that doubles down on content out as in content that you put out to the world, and doubles down on the content that you consume, the online courses, the masterminds, the mentorships, the podcast, the audiobooks, all the ones that you’ve got in this massive queue. You create your new product and service. You leverage social media much more. Because social media is way busier now, way busier.

I mean, I’m getting 2 to 3 times as many people on my lives. I’m getting 2 to 3 times the engagement. I had my first million view week on YouTube. I’ve had my first million view month on Facebook. So, this is all massive opportunity. Like I said, I’m calling it, accelerated immersion, because I don’t think you get to put the world on pause before. And I don’t think you’re going to be able to put the world on pause ever again.

Then you can accelerate this immersion of whatever it is you’re choosing to do. Now, that could be accelerating the immersion of reflection, and thinking about your life after this, and your new lifestyle and your new career, and accelerated connection with your family and evaluating where you want your life to go. I think, if you’re at crossroads anyway, and you’ve never made the time to do that, I think that’s a great thing to do.

I don’t need to reflect too much, because I know what I’m doing. I know where I’m going. That’s just changed a bit of direction. But it’s still moving forward. But, if you need to do that, that’s great. But maybe, you need to start your business, scale your business, or save your business. Well, now, you get 90 free days to do that. And if you have any product or service that can be shared online. You’ve got time to create it, time to host it, time to record it, time to market it.

Right now, social media is more active than it’s ever been. People are on social media much more. They’re commenting more, sharing more, engaging more. I believe they could very well buy more. Of course, it depends on your business model, and that’s why you may have to pivot.

We put a lot of our products and services online now. We’ve created new products and services that are going online. As we speak, we’ve launched 2 so far in the last what 9-10 days. We’ve got another one launching tonight. Another one next week. Another one the week after. These are all programmes that we were going to launch, anyway. Thousands of entrepreneurs have told me that they want. And we’ve packaged them in an even more intensive accelerated immersion way. We’re adding extra value, adding add-on extra online support.

I give you an example. When I used to do online courses 10 years ago plus, you know, a couple of people say, oh, look at Rob Moore, going into online courses. Now, he’s been saying that for years. Yeah, well, I was doing it before you were born. It’s not like I’ve never tested it. I just like the connection. I like the human element of physical events. But when we used to do events, we do like online events. We do once a week, 2 to 3 hours for 8 weeks. So, you join and 8-week 8 module online course.

We’re doing every other day. And that is accelerated immersion. So, you don’t want to spend 8 weeks learning an online course now. You might want to spend 10 days. And so, we’ll do Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Then all a sudden, you have now, learned a course that you might have had to wait 2 months for and do for 3 days or it might have taken you 8 weeks in the previous model.

Like I said, accelerated immersion. And this is your chance. This is your time. The world is conspired for you. Mother nature has given you an opportunity here. Are you going to take it? Again, I want to say one more time for those of you that do, do content, that have a brand, that are online, that want to build your personal brand, that want to serve others, that have a community or want to build a community, it is the best time ever.

I’m getting 200 odd new organic subscribers a day on my YouTube Channel. Things are just going wild. But 6,000, we’re getting up to 6,000 organic new followers a week. That will be a really good week. Previously, a really good week, would be 2,000 or 3,000 organic followers a week. No ads, by the way. This is not an ad spend. This is just for general increasing of content, general increasing of engagement, general increasing of people online.

Stewart has said here, they won’t be buying more. I don’t know what data you have, Stewart, but you’re saying that as if it’s a fact. I think that’s your opinion. I’m speaking to a lot of people who have money to invest now. Not everyone is skint. Plenty of people have prepared and planned for something like this, although probably not a virus. But you know, they prepare and plan for having worth of burn rate in case there’s a recession. They’re opportune investors. They observe the masses and do the opposite. They’re contrarian investors.

I know thousands of entrepreneurs who are like, right, now is the time to buy properties, to buy stocks, to buy businesses. I know loads of people like that. I think it depends what circles you’re in. I think right now, it’s important to filter the circles you’re in. Because if you’re in certain negative, or doom me, or cynical circles, or in circles where people who maybe only have 3 days’ worth of savings or not even, then of course, that may end up becoming your reality.

Yeah, I mean Mark and I liquidated some assets. We’ve put a load of cash aside to (A) ride this out, and then (B) to invest in properties and assets and businesses, et cetera, when we come out of this. Because we believe there will be some amazing investment opportunities. And that’s not being in any way vulturistic. That’s just taking opportunity of the market that you’re in. the market is going to be the market. You can’t control the overall market. You can only have your strategy, and your action, and your decision within the market that it’s in.

There’s a few people going, oh look at these people offering products and services and selling stuff in this time. We shouldn’t be doing any of that right now. Everyone should be given everything for free. Well, I don’t believe that. I didn’t create the virus. I didn’t create, although I did say, I’ve to tell you this. I theme years. Normally when I’m doing my plans, vision, goals and actions, my incantations, I normally have a theme for each year. Last year was my theme of growth. I wanted to have the biggest year we’d ever had. That was the theme, and we did. We had big growth, but we had some big challenge. And our profit whilst it was solid, definitely should have been higher with the growth that we had.

I thought to myself, I need to be a bit more clear about setting my theme years. And in this year, I thought, things need to be shaken up. I was probably thinking this in December. We need to shake things up and shake the industry up, and blah, blah, blah. I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I need to reinvent myself before I get reinvented. I needed to disrupt myself before I get disrupted. So, I created a theme of reinvention. And then the freaking virus came out. And we’re all having to reinvent ourselves. So, sorry, maybe I am responsible for the virus.

There are big opportunities right now. It’s just a question of what you see, and what you do in this time. I wrote a book called, Life Leverage. And I’ve had my months and years of semi-retirement and retirement for a few weeks, and enjoying travelling and a mobile lifestyle. I’ve travelled the world with my son playing golf, World and British and European Gold Championships age 5, 6, 7, and I loved it. I didn’t do too much work. I had a big team. I believe in outsourcers and staff. The collective efforts of the many, and not just the one. I had some great times.

But I’ve put that on pause for the next 90 days. I’m not living the leveraged lifestyle and retiring on passive income, which by the way, is possible. But life goes in stages. For me, right now, I’m doing extra work. I’m putting extra content out there. I’m doing extra accelerated immersion. You can listen to more audiobooks, more podcasts. You can engage more online and learn more, and set up more products and services. I’ve had about 4 or 5 products or services that I’ve had in my mind that I wanted to launch for 3 years. Maybe more, one or 2 of them. and I’ve always said, well, I haven’t got time, because I’ve got so many things on. Now isn’t the right time. Or, I’ll just wait. Or, I’ll check it in 3 months. And I’m launching them all. When they’re done through this time of accelerated immersion, these 90 days, then I’ll have them forever. They’ll be online. They’ll be evergreen.

Again, this has pushed me to more action and to be a little bit more relentless, and a bit more prioritised. Let’s be honest, right now, there shouldn’t be any excuse for overwhelmed or procrastination. You should be more relentless. You should be more energised, even if that’s somewhat coming from fear. Therefore, you should be more productive. You’re able to ignore people, block people, delete messages, not reply to people. You’re able to do that more.

I feel a lot of guilt doing that, because I want to help everyone. I want to engage with everyone. I want to turn the critics around. Anyone who messages, even if it’s unsolicited, I want to try and help. But right now, I can’t do everything. You can’t do everything. We have to prioritise. So, you can give yourself permission to delete that email, to not reply to that message, to delete that WhatsApp message, to let some things go, to not get involved in debates, and discussions, and arguments on social media that are not productive, to block, and ignore, and unfollow. Any time I see anything on social media that is not a fact, or it’s a useless rant that triggers me mildly, ignore, unfollow, or block.

Because right now, you should be spontaneously and naturally energised, enthused, motivated, somewhat scared, persistent, resilient, because you just have a far greater reason now. I did a bit of rant yesterday or a day before, that some people said, well, look, now is the time to reflect and connect. You spend the 90 days with your family and reflecting, being humbled to mother nature, and meditating and being thoughtful.

Whilst I think that doing some of that, is, definitely useful, because we’ve been given the time. There’s no point meditating for 3 months, and then going bust at the end of it. I think too many people, I fear for them. I’ve seen a lot of this. I fear for people using this as an excuse to just roll over, and to not do the work that needs to be done. Because if you go bust, your suppliers lose money. Your customers lose money. And a lot of people just like, ah, well, the Government aren’t supporting me. It’s really hard right now. And I have to wind everything down. I’m going to lose everything. I might as well just do nothing.

I do not think that’s the right attitude. I think you can thrive through this. I think you can thrive through this. I think you can thrive through this. I’m planning to make profits through this. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be the most challenging 3 months to make profit that we’ve probably ever had. But we’ve really dramatically thinned our overhead. We’ve created some really good new products and services, which go in our accounts in that month as opposed to deferred income. I think we’ve got a good chance of making profits through this time. And that should be the entrepreneur’s challenge.

We’ve created newer products. I wouldn’t say better. I would say more, that’s certainly better for the online world. That’s certainly better for online accelerated immersion and accountability. You can’t replace face-to-face, and being in the room with the trainer, and all your peers. and potential partners in a room together. You can’t replace that energy online. But you can do your best.

We’ve just created more relevant of the now, 90-day products. Then we’ll have all of them when they’re done. I want to set them up for years. Then when these 90 days are over, we’re back to normal, I’ll have all those as assets that I can continue to launch for the future.

The great opportunity right now, is that, the world is on pause for 90 days. Now, by the way, it might be 60 days. It might be 120 days. You don’t know. As such, you could do all those courses or all that education, all that content. You can consume it. You can put it out. You can build your brand. You can serve your Community. You can get in all the different Facebook Groups that you’ve planned to get in before. You can make sure that you set up all your social media accounts. You can do more live feed videos, more podcasts. NOW IS THE TIME!!!


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