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Lead by Leverage – Part 2


Has what you’ve done and achieved so far blocked all other opportunities you’ve been looking for?

Are your current results getting in the way of your desired results?

Could it be that no matter what level we’re at, what we’re doing is keeping us there, and our next level awaits in what we’re n o t doing?

The solution?


Outsource before you are ready. Whatever you can pay for to save yourself time, do it. Focusing on small economies is the fastest way to poverty. It might cost to outsource it, it could cost way more to do it yourself.

If it feels painful to leverage, all the more reason to do it. I’m constantly telling people that I wish I’d leveraged and outsourced more, sooner, faster.  I was constantly getting in my own way. Get used to getting other people to do things for you.

Without guilt.

With leadership.

Let people who are better than you do things better than you. Doing it yourself robs them of the pleasure of serving you well. Let them take the glory, you can take the money.

The rich don’t hire drivers because its a fashion accessory. One call in the back of a car could seal a deal that will make many times more than the cost of the driver. Driving themselves would lose them more money.

So right now Gemma is at home cooking the dinner, cleaning the house, ironing, washing and mowing the lawn. Bobby is watching Golf DVD’s in training for being world no.1 so that he can fund his Dad’s retirement, Ralph our Westie is putting some shelves up and Mark is at the office running the business while I’m in cloud Cuckoo land 😉

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