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Clubhouse: The Hot New App For 2021

I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks on the new social media platform Clubhouse. I’ve been creating and building a good social media presence for many years and I have been obsessing, living and breathing Clubhouse the last few weeks. 

So first off what is Clubhouse first off? And where do I see it going over the next 12 months?

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that allows you to join a themed room where you can listen to a speaker or panel of speakers, ask your questions and engage with experts. 

And I think it’s really hot right now is because it was launched during COVID when obviously more and more people have been engaged online and also because it’s primarily audio-based and you could be in the gym, building Lego, running around and you can still be constantly consuming Clubhouse content.

So, I guess it’s kind of like a podcast but live, and it can go on for hours and you can in real-time choose the subject of your content you want to consume and these are known as Clubhouse rooms. 

For example, you could go into a business room, you could go into a politics room, you could go into a dance class room or a fitness room. Whatever theme you’re interested in you can find a room and consume content around that theme. 

All right, that’s the concept, but what you need to do first is create a profile. Now, my profile is @Robmoore and if you want to follow me, Clubhouse will notify my followers of any rooms that I go in so you can see how they use Clubhouse and you can learn really fast.

Since it’s launch, I’ve had a lot of people asking me “where do you think Clubhouse will go”. 

Well, I think is going to really grow and I cannot see a quicker growing social media platform in 2021. They’ve done a few really clever things that are really going to help it’s growth this year.  

Number one is, Clubhouse is linked directly to your Instagram. So, as there’s no messaging feature on Clubhouse, you can connect with other members of the room via Instagram. This means that people are leveraging their existing Instagram accounts to join Clubhouse and they’re using their account as their profile.

So, they put all of their profile and their credibility on Instagram and what happens is, when people and experts are talking in rooms you can click on them, follow them, go on their Instagram and do a bit of research. So, it becomes a really good place to research people and I think that it’s great because of the content but there’s also a connection.

A lot of people think this is all about content but it’s also about community. Right now people are lonely and lost but you can easily jump into a Clubhouse room,  So I’m into vinyl and I can jump into a vinyl group or a car group and meet other nutters like me and we all fall in love with people who are like us and understand us and I think that’s another reason why Clubhouse is growing so fast because you can get connected with those people who are like you.

Okay, so the next genius I think that Clubhouse did was not to let everyone onto the platform now. I’m showing my age here, but back in the clubbing days when there would be red rope and a VIP carpet outside you would get that feeling that you need to get in because it will give you that social proof. It’s kind of like a restaurant when they put all the people at the front of the restaurant to make it look busy.

So, what Clubhouse did was launch as invite-only. You couldn’t get in unless you were invited by someone who was already in and you’ve probably seen all of the buzz on Facebook and all of the other social media channels. Now, people are even selling invites on eBay and paying money to get in. 

I think it could be the fastest growing social media platform of the year because of the way in which they have gradually let users onto the app.

Okay, so what’s Clubhouse going to rival? 

My good friend Grant Cardone reckons that it’s really shaking up Instagram, Podcasts and Facebook and he’s happy about that because they need shaking up.

I think that people will still use Facebook for news and lives and Instagram is a very visual picture-based social media platform so I don’t they’re going to die but a lot of traffic has gone from Facebook to Clubhouse and it is very addictive.

A lot of the big influencers have gone quiet on the other social media channels, you might have noticed that the masses are still on all the other social media platforms so I think there’s room for them all. But I think they’ll all start to compete and start to bring out new features, maybe premium features.

So I think we’ve almost got like a bidding war going on all over the social media channels for your eyeballs and attention. And that’s a really good thing for your user experience because they’ve got to innovate fast, they’ve got to keep you engaged and for monestisation.

As for monetisation what will Clubhouse do? Will there be paid rooms? Or you could have to pay to get a question answered? There’s definitely going to be premium features added. 

What I do know, is that premium are here and they can be monetised by content creators and influencer. You don’t need to create 56 pieces of content per day like Gary Vee said because it’s not sustainable. But now we’ve got supporters on Facebook and we’ve got Stars which is Facebook’s currency.

So, I’ve got paid $14,500 for November, just from Facebook and we’ve had some times $20,000 a month, plus this isn’t even my main business, it’s just me providing content to my audience.

For content creators, you’ve got Patreon, LinkedIn premium and also YouTube premium. So when will Instagram bring in their premium and eventually, when will Clubhouse. Perhaps, Clubhouse will introduce premium accounts or a pay to go subscription model.

There’s lots of talk about how Clubhouse will monetise and they want to do it  sooner rather than later. So you need to get that log in, you need to get that invite and you need to do whatever it takes to get in because there’s a big land grab right now. You can get a hundred followers a day organic just being on there for 30 minutes.

Now, imagine going back to the start of YouTube or the start of Instagram and start of Facebook, you know, you might have millions of followers by now.

It is right at the start and now is the time to get on Clubhouse.

Follow me @Robmoore

I’m going to be doing a lot more content on supporters and producing a lot more content on Clubhouse because it’s changing fast.

Written by Rob Moore

Written by Rob Moore

Rob Moore; host of "Disruptors” & a ‘disruptive' Entreprenuer:

He disrupted the property investing world, with over 1,350 property rental units managed/owned/sold
Became a millionaire by age 31
He disrupted the business world with public 3x longest speech world records
Disrupted books by being a best-selling author of 19 books on money, business & investing
14 companies &multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses
He disrupted the influencer world with his global podcast, Disruptors, with over 1,000 episodes & a community of over 3 million followers across all platforms

Rob's mission: to help as many people on the planet get better financial knowledge and help YOU make, manage and multiply more money through multiple streams of income


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