If you gain too much support, you become juvenile, dependent, careless and cocky. It feels good to have fans and followers fly your flag, but you don’t grow when you’re unchallenged.

You don’t learn and you get lazy, dependent and distracted from your vision and contribution. This is true for individuals, societies, companies, even countries and governments.

Most people look for support their whole life, and try to avoid challenge. They only spend time with people who make them feel comfortable, they ridicule or avoid people and events that challenge them, and they avoid the pain of resistance, searching for elusive evergreen happiness that is a delusion.

There are equal benefits as drawbacks to resistance. Resistance forces you to grow, and as you grow you learn and you become more able to deal with the next, bigger challenge. You get a greater sense of achievement when you achieve success through resistance.

You feel gratitude and your self worth and confidence grows. You get a greater sense of contribution and value of yourself and others. You will never be given a challenge you can’t overcome, it is simply a feedback mechanism to force you to grow; to solve bigger challenges and contribute more to the overall growth of self, society and mankind.

But if you hide from the challenge or problem and don’t own it, it will persist in many forms through
many people and events, until you have grown and learned to solve it.

And once you have, a new, higher level challenge will present itself, to force you to grow and contribute once again.

Have you ever felt like you’ve just sorted things out, just got your ducks in a row, and then something
happens to throw it all into chaos again? This is why. The outcome is not perennial happiness, it is continued growth and learning.

Have you also ever heard successful people say that the bigger and more successful you/they get, the
bigger the problems become? This is also why. It is the new challenge or perceived resistance for you to
solve, grow and increase your contribution and value.

If you embrace the resistance as much as the support, and are grateful for every challenge that comes your
way that you have grown into and earned, that is the closest state of continued ‘happiness.’

You will never get a challenge you can’t solve, because you wouldn’t grow, you’d break, and so ultimately would mankind.

Gratitude and acceptance of the resistance and challenge, that you are able to solve it and grow, gives
a balance of self confidence and contribution.

The bigger challenges you solve and the more people you serve, the more self worth you acquire and the more gratitude you experience, and the less you are controlled by polarised, roller coaster emotions.

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