Radiohead, possibly the most creative and innovative band of all time regardless of personal taste, had many ‘creative arguments,’ when writing albums.

Thom Yorke the lead singer had both traditional and modernist influences, and Jonny Greenwood, lead guitarist had very classical and technical skills and roots.

They often disagreed as band members, to the point of arguments sometimes. Thom often wanted to move away from the albums that were most popular, and other band members wanted to do more of the same formula.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this ‘creative tension,’ and respect to be different created their experimentation and innovation.

You want your team to be like a band.

Each member technically great at their own individual instrument, all with different personalities and influences.

The frontman and drummer cannot take the same role, but both are just as important to the overall symphony. In fact, whilst the frontman might get all the celebrity and glory, the drummer leads the song with the consistent beat.

Sometimes bass plays lead, sometimes you have a 3 piece or a 5 or even a 9 piece like Slipknot, sometimes you have an epic solo but you always have the band; a greater sum that the parts.

An extract from “Life Leverage” on building your team – the new book by Rob Moore

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