We have always been attracted to great stories, which is why I really wanted to share a special one with you. This is a story from the marvellous Kathy Jacques that will blow you away…

Back in 2002, Kathy’s newborn son was killed by his own father – case that sparked outrage – but in the wake of the tragedy, Kathy found herself faced with a new problem. The authorities would not allow her son’s body to be released until a second post-morgen could be performed, meaning that Kathy was left in a state of purgatory, unable to move on with her life until her son had been given a proper burial.

Kathy’s battle to preserve her son’s dignity led to a new law – Ryan’s Law – where a Chief Coroner was installed, meaning that all coroners in the country now have an adjudicating presence. Bodies can no longer be held for more than 30 days.

Many people would have found themselves defeated by such a struggle. However, Kathy chose to channel this battle for justice into the founding of a new business venture with a benevolent aim in mind – to protect vulnerable children.

Kid Safety World is an app designed to channel all messages to children through their parent’s phone first, which will make monitoring and safety far easier to manage, and hopefully prevent future tragedies from occurring through such means as bullying, abuse or grooming.

Cyber Mum is Kathy’s new brand, and will be at the forefront of preventing bullying, abuse, grooming and violence towards children with the aim of increasing child safety through technological means.

The project has not been without its setbacks. Kathy spent her entire life savings in setting up the app and brand, but unfortunately approached the wrong people to help her develop. The resulting software was next to unusable, meaning that Kathy’s resources had been spent on nothing. However, after sharing her aims and story with the Progressive community, she was instantly contacted by software developers, who offered to recreate the app from the ground up, producing a robust, proficient, and incredibly user-friendly piece of software, after being touched by the warmth and spirit of Kathy’s goal.

If we serve people and make a difference then we have a meaningful business model. These examples of altruism and benevolence should always be lauded and raised up because they deserve to succeed.

Kathy’s mission is one of hope. In the wake of her family tragedy, she found herself spiralling into an abyss of self-destruction. However, having pulled herself from the brink of despair, she now recognises the need to help others do the same. Children deserve to exist in a world without fear, and need a safe haven to turn to if their lives begin to disintegrate.

The struggle to ensure the safety of children is one that, unfortunately, will never go away, The suffering of children is sadly far too common, but through the bravery and resilience of people such as Kathy Jacques, we can do our part to help wherever we can.

I’m sure that you will agree, Kathy’s mission is an honourable and essential one, but can only survive and thrive if we take action and do our part to bring it to life. 

To hear Kathy’s inspiring story, one built upon a tragedy and the determination to do something about it, you can visit https://youtu.be/JzgBkKDNuJc

For more information about the work being done, to make an application or suggestion, and to see other good causes being helped by the Rob Moore Foundation, please take a moment to visit https://robmoore.com/robmoorefoundation/

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