You hear many people asking ‘why do the rich get richer & the poor get poorer?’ Many people get disgruntled about this and demand a redress of the balance through higher taxation, setting up unions, demanding philanthropy and so on.

There is actually one very simple answer/reason to this perennial question, and it busts ALL myths about the rich & poor divide. And the argument any system or person may have about ‘fairness.’

In any monetary system, with a finite amount of ‘money,’ in that system, all expenditure must & can only ever equal all receipts. This means that all spending equals all receiving of money.

Therefore of that finite amount of money in circulation, it distributes exactly from those who ‘spend’ most (expenditure) to those who receive most (receipts). If there is an inequality of balance [which there is and always will be] then money moves more freely and in higher amounts from those who value/focus on expenditure higher than receipt, to those who value/focus on receipt higher than expenditure.

In other words, money moves from those who value it least [or value expenditure more than receipt] to those who value it most [saving, investing, compounding] [or value receipt more than expenditure].

No matter how many times you may try to use power, rule or government to more equally distribute the money, it will always reset its ‘balance’ according to the above; it will move freely from those who value it least to those who value it most.

So if you want to redistribute wealth more towards you, then don’t ever get dragged into the victim mentality of a higher power or system redistributing it for you, and learn/focus on the management, mastery and rules of money, make it more important to you to understand it and value it, and more will come your way.

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