A journalist for the Daily Express Newspaper asked me “I would love to hear about the ways in which Mr Moore cleared his consumer debt, or top tips he could give to our readers to save money.” Here’s my content for the Express…

>In Dec 2005 I build up around £50k of consumer debt from University and bad money management
>On Dec 15th 2005 my Dad had a public nervous breakdown, he was beaten by the police and sectioned and it hurt me so much I started to take responsibility for my life
>I went to a property networking event and met my current business partner of 15 years
>He helped me get a job in a property sourcing agency, on minimum wage but £500 a sale
>I learned to sell and ate away at my debt in 2007 cutting my spending and paying down my debt
>I refinanced a house I was living in for a better mortgage rate, freeing a small amount of capital to pay down some of the debt
>Sold my car and bought a bike
>Stopped going out and taking holidays and buying expensive clothes
>I learned to public speak and started selling from the stage; helping others buy property
>I bought 20 properties with my business partner’s money in 2007, and we split the equity and profits 50/50
>By the end of 2006, I had cleared my £50k debt, earned nearly £100k, bought an £18k Nissan 350Z and co-owned a small property portfolio with my business partner
>We then set up our own company in 2007 selling properties to investors and then training people who to invest themselves.
>That company Progressive Property is a multi-million company now with over 70 staff
>We now own, co-own & manage over 1,200 rental tenancies Rob MooreCo-Founder of Progressive Property

I hope this helps motivate & inspire you. I started not from scratch but a minus position, so if I can do it, tell me, why can’t you or anyone else?

Rob Moore
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