How do you know if what you’re doing is the right thing? Are you moving towards your goals? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated or experience procrastination, fear of mistakes or doubt of the right action?

Most people start at the wrong place; at the bottom. They do more, work harder, stay busy on unimportant tasks to feel productive. Life tells them to work hard. They dig faster and deeper in the wrong direction.

To check in on your progress and productivity, start at the top of the list of vitals below, check that you know/are doing them, then your actions will naturally and spontaneously be right for maximum inspiration and results, and will drop down.

The higher up the V.V.K.I.K you work, the more the ones below them fall into place

Values –

The things that are most important to you in your life, unique to you, where you are an inspired genius. Are your actions in line with what is most important to you in your life? Do you eve know what they are consciously, on paper? You naturally know, because this is where you naturally spend the most time, are in the state of flow, where time flies, and your results show, but if you are not conscious of them, you are not in control of them

Either make your action/focus/vocation important to you, or link the short-term action to how it serves your highest values, and you will follow through with the task, no matter how easy or challenging it is in the transient moment. It also helps you know what to give up on and what to stay the distance on

Vision –

Do you have a clear picture and outcome of the purpose you want your life to serve? the legacy you want to leave? How you want to be remembered and the difference you made on the planet? Set your roadmap for your life and you know which direction to take, even when you hit setbacks and diversions. Regularly check back in on your vision to remove overwhelm and procrastination

KRA’s –

K.ey R.esult A.reas are the highest value areas you focus on to achieve your vision. 3-7 areas to spend your time to make the maximum difference to your team, company and legacy. These are often strategic, leveraged operations such as developing and maintaining relationships, build an amazing team, developing systems, building a £million+ network and constant self-education. If you get stuck or dragged into micro day-to-day tasks check them against your KRA’s to remove all distractions and low level tasks. If you have staff you must create these and have them use their KRA’s to direct their focus too

IGT’s –

I.ncome G.enerating T.asks are the highest value to you [or your company] tasks that align with your KRA’s, to maximise revenue per hour, minute and second. These are the tasks that bring the highest, leveraged results in the optimum amount of time, bringing in the maximum benefit and revenue without wastage. Overwhelm and procrastination in your to do list comes from lack of focus on IGT’s and going equal importance to all tasks or lacking order of IGT priority

KPI’s –

K.ey P.erformance I.ndicators are the important, non-vanity metrics of your business that keep it moving forward, reduce mistakes and optimise leverage. They are the vital data sets that tell you in as real time as possible exactly what is happening in your business. These become more and more vital as you grow and hand over control. The most common mistake is to delay these so you can focus on working hard and making sales, because you could be working hard in the wrong direction and selling at a loss

You now have a cyclical feedback loop to constantly stay on track, be in flow doing the things that matter the most to you, serve the most people and manifest your unique legacy.

You deserve to spend time on yourself s get some quiet time, work from the top down and see your life take a course that makes the biggest difference and gives instant fulfillment and gratitude 

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