There are 3 types of work related tasks:

1. Impact tasks 

2. Income tasks 

3. Admin tasks 

As you scale, reduce & outsource your admin tasks down to less than 10% of your time. 

Admin tasks cost you your time and therefore your money (in lost money opportunity costs). 

Income tasks make you money TODAY (now). 

Income Generating Tasks are the highest value to you [or your company] tasks that align with your KRA’s, to maximise revenue per hour, minute and second. These are the tasks that bring the highest, leveraged results in the optimum amount of time, bringing in the maximum benefit and revenue without wastage. 

Impact tasks make you money TOMORROW (the future). 

Cash is not king – cashFLOW and recurring income are.

A special, one off event, the Recurring Income Summit will teach you how YOU could create and benefit from recurring income that doesn’t trade your time for money, all while giving you regular income.

Cash can be SPENT & BURNT. Once it’s gone it’s gone. But recurring income is different – you can rely on it to be there.

One stream of income could be the financial death of you.

You have to be prepared. If you don’t take control of your own income, the government will (and they won’t give you what you deserve).

True FREEDOM is YOU building assets that create recurring income that others can’t control.

Impact tasks are actually the most valuable. They should be your  highest KRAs (Key Result Areas). 

KPIs are the metrics of feedback that you and your staff are either growing or decaying, that you’re going in the right direction or the wrong direction. KPIs are the proof behind the numbers as ‘you cannot master what you do not measure.’

Knowing what your main key result areas are. The conversion rate of each point of sale? Where all your prospects come from? Renewal rates? This is an area of focus that is vital to the growth or at least the delivery of the role and you should aim to have between three and seven non-negotiable KRAs for each position.

When you start up, more income tasks, some impact and too much admin tasks!

As you scale, more impact tasks, some income tasks (hire people to make you income) & virtually NO Admin tasks!