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People often get stuck thinking they don’t have one, or that they can’t monetise what they think they love the most.

Here are some ways to think about & discover yours true purpose & vision:

1. What could you do all day that doesn’t ‘feel’ like work (most of the time)?
2. in what areas are you prepared to endure challenges & see it as a get up & go rather than give up & go
3. What do you feel totally in flow doing where you feel like time flies?
4. In what areas do you love helping people & solving problems
5. What do you feel you are good at, better than others, and/or could become great at?
6. What/where do you already spend a lot of your time doing & thinking about?
7. What causes bigger than you could you see yourself being involved in, or what mission/education do you want to share?

Do what comes up consistently & you will find a way to monetise this latent talent & uniqueness. Balance serving your own values, vision & purpose with serving and loving doing that thing for other people.

Fast forward yourself 3 or 5 things doing the thing that most sets you on fire, and you will be making good money doing it, and making a difference

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