Rob Moore

The Disruptive EntrepreneurTM. Investor. Multiple business owner. Author of 17 best selling business books inc. ‘Money’ & ‘Life leverage’. Prolific podcaster & content creator. 2x public speaking world record holder. Founder of the Rob Moore foundation 

Disruptive Entrepreneur ™

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.” – Rob Moore
- Double world record holder for public speaking 
- 18x Business & Investing Author
- One of the UK’s top non-fiction authors – published by Hachette
- The “Disruptive Entrepreneur” podcast - UK, no.1 ranked business podcaster with 700 episodes, 15x billionaires interviewed, millions of listeners & downloads in 204 countries 
- Became a millionaire before age 31, having been an artist £50k in debt 5 years before
- I help entrepreneurs start & scale their business & get better financial knowledge 
- Built the UK’s largest property training co. Progressive Property
- Won business of the year 2016 & Property Wire training co. of the year 
- 9 figures in revenue (training co.)
- Property portfolio of 990 rental units: co-owned/managed/developing
- 140+ rental units under development, 125,000 sq.ft
- One of the UK’s top business creator/influencers across social media
- Mentor & advisor to celebrities & multi-millionaires 
- Personal: Pilot, car, watch & vinyl collector & lego addict with the kids
- The Rob Moore foundation to help young & under privileged entrepreneurs start meaningful businesses that change the world
- RISE board member & record finance raise for the RISE Princes Trust
- Verified on Facebook & Instagram 
-  (Chaos) creator, rebel, playful, curious & often cheeky


At the age of 25, Rob was £50k in consumer debt; less than five years later, a self-made multi-millionaire. He co-founded the Progressive Group – starting with Progressive Property, then Progressive Successes and the Entrepreneurs Business academy (EBA). Rob’s training companies are one of the largest in the UK, & now globally. 

He continues to disrupt as an entrepreneur and businessman, with interests ranging from property development to public speaking and digital media. He is a writer, communicator, social media influencer and philanthropist. His 8 books have been translated into more than a dozen languages and received over 9,000 reviews, and 200 1 stars!

Having given 1,500+ speeches in the last decade Rob is a sought after keynote speaker. Known for his ‘Rob’s Rants’ and direct, tactical content, using his real life business experience. Rob is a mentor to many millionaires and celebrities and has helped 10,000s of start and scale up entrepreneurs.

Rob has interviewed 15 billionaires and over 150 of the most successful people on the planet in multiple disciplines. Rob is RISE board member on the Princes Trust & did the highest recorded single raise. 

What others are saying about Rob

I have known Rob well for many years. As a businessman and a decent person I don’t think I have met many who have surpassed him. He is a straight talker down to earth and has always given me great advice. 

Gerald ratner

Businessman & Motivational Speaker

I have spoken at a number of Rob’s events and have had the benefit of also gaining a vast amount of knowledge from Rob where I have seen him mentor people and bring them on his course. This is a man who started on his own; has sampled hardship and success and nows how to deal with both.

Alfie best

Businessman & Philanthropist

 I’ve followed Rob and his work, read his other books and taken the tools he applies to his business enterprise and applied them to my own business. It’s amazing, we are in completely different fields of work yet his knowledge and advice has helped my business grow. 

Suzanne Shaw

Singer, Actress

“Rob is a great mentor for both my property journey and podcast media. He’s prolific, accessible and unique. Thank you Rob”

Kevin Clifton

Strictly Come Dancing, Rock of Ages

“Rob is one of the most genuine, forward-thinking, positive and motivational guys I have ever met”

Jake Wood

 Max Branning, Eastenders

“Rob uses lots of good ideas about the balance of living a life away from working 24/7, I wish I had seen this book when I was a teenager!”

Frank Bruno


Rob’s Story

Rob’s entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age, when his Dad encouraged him to work in the family pub, cleaning, ‘bottling up’ and following Dad around while he was buying pubs. But Rob lost his way through his teens and 20s, with a lack of direction and clarity, and was struggling as an artist by age 25. On Dec 15th2005, Rob’s Dad had a huge nervous breakdown in his pub; he was sectioned by the police in front of all his customers, and has been living with bipolar disorder ever since. This was a rude awakening for Rob, who felt shame for not living up to his potential and taking full advantage of the upbringing his Dad had given him. To this day, this is one of two main drivers for Rob’s life and enterprises.

At his turning point in 2005, Rob was £50k in personal consumer debt. He was shocked into action – no more excuses, dependence on others or playing the victim. He cleared all his debt within one year. Another year later he had 20 properties in a partnership with Mark Homer, and two years later they had 50 properties.

Rob became a millionaire before his 31st birthday. By the age of 40, Rob had a business and property empire. His most proud moment was ‘retiring’ his parents and giving them his house, with the profits he made from property.

Rob’s second driver for success is to help as many people around the globe get a better financial education than what’s taught in schools, and to start and scale their own ventures. He set up the Rob Moore Foundation to take his mission to the global level.

- Nearly died twice: peritonitis & a motorbike crash
- He was “Face of Peterborough” 1999! Clearly wasted talent!
- Applied for Big Brother & the Apprentice in a ‘lost’ period of his life & thankfully didn’t get on
- Listens to Radiohead & Rammstein to cheer himself up
- Appeared on the ‘world’s most expensive crashes’ website & The Sunnewspaper for crashing his 5-day-old Ferrari into the News International building, incurring a £105,000 repair bill
- Having a great business partner: surrounding himself with smarter people
- Inspiring & educating people to achieve more than they believe they can themselves
- Running his mouth off for a living (his best trait according to his business partner)

Rob’s epic weaknesses
- Total child-like impatience
- Retires then starts again about every two years; just can’t seem to stop
- Takes on way too many things (& his team have to clear up the mess)










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