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A Vital Element of Business & Entrepreneurship That Many People Forget

Many people are so focused on metrics, profit and problems in business & entrepreneurship that they forget one of the most vital elements. You are asleep for 1/3 of your life, working for another 1/3, so if you forget to enjoy what you do then 2/3 of your life you are guaranteed to never have fun. The fun element of business; doing what you love and loving what you do, in my view is totally missing. Influencers are not discussing this. The world is full of critics and commentators moaning, critiquing and complaining about the semantics of political correctness instead of enjoying what they do.

If more people focused on correcting themselves instead of trying to correct everything in the world, the world would change for the better.

Below are 8 ways you can focus on having more fun in business & entrepreneurship, and take control to enjoy more of what you do, rather than only the good days which get less & less.

1. Do a job or biz you actually love

Life is too short not to. Choose a vocation that is also a vacation, & a passion that is also a profession. You will more easily monetise what you love (& what you are good at). What have you got to lose?
There is no rule that says you can’t love your work. The risk is less than you think. If you don’t risk anything you risk everything. Start it part time and build it up. Start now, get perfect later.

2. Take your business (art) seriously, but not yourself

Sure, take your work seriously, but loosen up within yourself. Don’t be so stubborn, defensive, reactive, and don’t take anything personally. Admit your mistakes. Make fun of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Give other people permission to do the same. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey; even the hard challenges.

3. Having fun should be a KRA & leadership quality

No one ever mentions that having and spreading fun within your team, staff & community, should be a Key Result Area (KRA). But it should be part of your leadership strategy and qualities. If you spread fun around, people will enjoy more what they do too and you will be part way to being a great leader. Why do meetings and functions need to be so boring and serious. They don’t, but it is up to YOU to change that.

4. It makes you FULLY present

When having fun, time flies. It is like active meditation and mindfulness, all of your problems, stresses and chitter-chatter in your brain wash away. Try it, you might just like it. And see point 6.

5. Customers followers fans will be ATTRACTED to you

People are attracted most of all not just to people they like, but people who make them FEEL GOOD. If you have fun, people will feel good around you, & so more customers, followers, staff or fans will be attracted to you, stay loyal to you, work hard for you and keep spending time with you. Make people feel good and you feel good in return so it create a virtuous cycle.

6. FUN is a CHOICE, not a result

This is the part most people don’t get. We can all easily have fun when we have a great day and everything goes our way. That is easy. The thing is, that rarely happens. YOU have to make a CHOICE to have fun, regardless of the circumstances, even when things are hard. It has to start with You. So choose fun now.

7. FUN is revolutionary

Having fun shouldn’t be revolutionary, but I think it is, because no one is talking about it and the world is full of bad news, clickbait, people being too easily offended and political correctness going mad. Start the revolution. Spread happiness and fun. Choose to drown out the noise.

8. You can’t control OUTCOME, only process

Most people leave their happiness to the outcome. Most of the time you can’t control the outcome, so most of the time you can’t have fun. All you can do is ensure you follow a good process of planning, execution & fun, and then let go of control of the outcome, accepting whatever it is and enjoying whatever it is. A comedian can’t control how much and how often people laugh. Each audience will be different. But they can write and practice great jokes. Then they have to put them out to the world and let them go. And so it is with your business, strategies and ideas; then ALLOW yourself to enjoy it. Give yourself permission to have and spread fun.


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