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5 Actionable Steps to Get Closer to Your Dream Career

People fail in the quest for their dream career not because it isn’t possible, but because they don’t know the practical steps to achieve their dream career.

Being *positive*, hustling, getting up at 4AM, *believing* you can and mediating are not enough to reach practical, tangible results. The following simple yet actionable steps should help:

1. Are you clear on what your dream career is?

More money is not a clear enough vision. Not having a boss isn’t either. What role could you see yourself doing for a long, long time? What career could you see yourself growing through the hard challenges, or even slightly sadistically enjoying them, like a coder loves to hack through hard algorithms? You can read “Life Leverage” to work all these out for yourself (Amazon, Audible).

2. Is there actually a market or progression in this career?

Quitting your high flying banking career to decorate macaroons is just plain dumb and risky. You need to test that there’s a market. And not because you and your family love your macaroons, but because there is genuine demand. You can use Google Trends and crowdsource ideas using polls in specific Facebook groups to test for demand. People fail when they think their new career is a good idea but the market disagrees.

3. Follow the Influencers

Follow the leading influencers in your new career: their Facebook pages, YouTube channels & podcasts. You can get great education for little to no money, from those leading the field you want to go into. You can even engage with them. You can follow me here: – there are specific episodes on all points in this article. Simply search for the names and careers in all these powerful online engines like Google, Facebook & Amazon, & dive into getting risk-free knowledge from those with experience.

it is painful and unnecessary to learn from your own mistakes, and wise to learn vicariously from the mistakes of others who’ve been there, done it and seen it.

4. Follow the rich List

I’m not saying you’ll be on it, but you can see the industries that are making people wildly wealthy. Track against previous years, and look for sectors that are consistent like property and internet based businesses, and fast risers for newer, disruptive industries. For example, the original Winklevoss twins of Facebook became (part) Bitcoin Billionaires recently.

5. Focus on the money

A business that doesn’t make money is called a hobby. It is OK to look at careers that make great money. Don’t be all hippy and do it for the love, because someone else with money will end up having to fund it for you, and you’ll get into debt, or you won’t sustain and grow your career. Understand the value and function on Money (Read “Money – Know More, Make More, Give More” on Audible or Amazon) & balance your passion and profession, vocation and vacation. Sure, you’ve gotta love what you do, but everyone tells you that. It’s gotta make you great money with no ceiling too, to keep you interested, and feeding that every increasing debt, spending, kids, schools and inflation!

They say money doesn’t make you happy. I say it does!


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