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19 reasons why you owe it to yourself & others to be rich

A lot of people think that if you are rich, you have to have taken from the poor. This is nonsense, because money is fluid; constantly moving. One paper denomination could circulate 10,000 times and as such is not a single exchange where someone gains and someone else loses. Money is simply a universal mechanism of exchange, a way to measure value, a unit of account and a future store of that value. It is not good or bad, right or wrong. If you can learn to leverage money to its full purpose and potential, rather than make it mean what you think it means, or how it makes you feel, then you transcend being a slave to money and you become a money magnet and master.

The most important fundamental of becoming a money master is to accept, believe and then own your right to be rich. It is your birth right. No one was born to be poor. Sure, some people less fortunate can’t help their environment and upbringing, but if you’re reading this you probably can.

Here are 20 great, real reasons why you shouldn’t just be rich, but it is your right and responsibility to be rich:

1. Your increased net worth increases your self worth

Which in turn lifts others up around you. The rising of tides lifts all ships.

2. You help others grow their wealth by growing yours, because:

a. You pay more people more money (because you can afford to)
b. You teach people what you know that helps them make money (which is the greatest gift of all and a more lasting legacy)
c. You inspire people, which creates a positive knock-on, butterfly effect of wealth (well being)

3. The more you make, the more you can give away

Pretty obvious, but many don’t seem to get that the more you earn and own, the more you can share and give. Charity starts at home, commit to wealth and to creating wealth around you.

4. Being broke restricts you from serving, solving & creating

You can’t do much that is creative or inspiring if you lack financial resources. Sure you can be creative, but an artist can do better work with better tools.

5. Being broke consumes resources in society, being wealthy produces them

If you have no money you have to rely on parents, the state and donors to help you get by. If you are wealthy you provide value and resources for others.

6. Being rich leaves a legacy for others to carry on

Money is not the only form of legacy, but it can finance most kinds; schools, libraries, hospitals, foundations and history.

7. It is one of the measures of your progress

Whilst not the only measure, making more money gives you feedback that you are growing, improving and progressing. It’s a useful measure and method of keeping score.

8. You can fund innovation, progress & improvement in important areas

Pretty much all progress is fuelled and financed by money. The cures of disease, the running for election, reaching the moon and Mars; the solving of man’s challenges is accelerated with money.

9. You can fund your passions

Some say that money doesn’t make you happy, but your passions make you happy. Some of those passions are expensive to fund and as such money funds your passion which makes you happy. Use money to fuel and fund your passions, and then share your passion with others to inspire them. Don’t wait until you retire to do what you love.

10. You can start a foundation & even reduce poverty itself

By creating vast wealth you can set up your own charity. A lot of people don’t like the fact that many charities consume most of the donations before they support their cause, so you can change this by starting a foundation, funding education and schools, libraries, hospitals, or simply donating your time to help the causes that matter to you. You can’t do this if you have no money to fund causes or your free time.

11. It will transmute confidence into other areas of your life

When I was skint (temporarily poor) I lost confidence in meeting people, socially, dating and my self employment. It seemed to exaggerate all the worse areas of my life. Conversely as I become more financially secure it increased my confidence in these areas. The rising of tides lift all ships. Money will not change you, but it will exaggerate your existing traits. So use it to do that as a force for good.

12. You will have a statistically better relationship

Half of marriages end in divorce, and most of those divorces are due to money problems. A lack of money will make all your problems worse, because it is the universally agreed mechanism of exchange, which enables us to do anything. Not having to worry about money will relieve stress in your relationships, leaving you to worry about the things that really matter.

13. Money makes you more of what you already are

It is a myth that money will always change you, it mostly makes you more of who you already are. Money will likely exaggerate your great traits (and your bad ones). You can expand your great traits by becoming rich, and use those to help others too.

14. Money gives you security & confidence

If you ever get stuck or get into hardship, you can pay your way out. You know you will always be secure, confident and strong, with a level of wealth behind you for protection. That enables you to get out there and do what you love with more volition. You never have to sell out, you can always follow your dreams.

15. You will attract other wealthy people

Wealth attracts wealth. We are attracted to people like us. The more riches you have. the more likely you are to attract the quality of peer group that lifts you up further. You can forge partnerships, raise more money for ventures and your causes, and meet some of the worlds most interesting people.

16. What you learn by getting rich you can carry into future endeavours

Being rich is a learnable skill, like any other vocation. The lessons you learn are great life lessons that you can carry into many other endeavours. It is also a great gift to pass on to your children, clients and people you care about.

17. You can put your kids through good schools/education

I don’t know a parent who doesn’t the best education for their kids. Private schools aren’t necessarily the best by default, but you can afford the best possible public, private or self education for your kids the more money you have.

18. You create many jobs

Wealth and riches create employment and opportunities. If you have a company it creates economy and increased local GDP by helping people fund their careers (and passions), and pay their overheads. The private sector funds most of the public sector too, so in creating jobs you have a cascading effect of money circulation.

19. You pay vast taxes

Despite some big companies reducing their corporation tax bill, they still pay vast taxes in business rates, VAT, employers AND employees national insurance, pension contributions, fuel duty, regulatory and accountancy, income tax and more. You are funding many of the public sector services by generating wealth, and that is good for the local, national and global economy.

There are so many reasons to be rich that transcend greed and power. Wealth contributes too, not just for your lifestyle, but those around you too. Let’s be honest, money does make you happy, or at least what good you can do with it makes you happy. Don’t be a martyr, stop worrying about how people will judge you, and go and create the wealth you deserve and do great things with it.


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