Disruptive Entrepreneur Rob Moore is not your typical businessman

Whilst he has the accolades to rival the best, including 3 world records, author of 9 books including the global best-seller ‘Life leverage’ & the UK’s most disruptive & largest property training company, he has a unique take on entrepreneurship.

Rob always wanted to be a millionaire, until he became one before the age of 31. He’d retired 3 times by then, & hated every day of it. Not only does Rob Disrupt in Entrepreneurship, he regularly disrupts himself. Once the money is taken care of, other things become more important. Rob’s podcast the ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’, which he donates his time for free, has subscribers in over 184 countries & is often ranked no.1 in business in the UK

Rob is also raising the worlds future no.1 golfer. His son Bobby is the highest ranked 5 year old in the world & has had 3 hole in ones by age 5. Rob believes that merging your passion & profession, vocation & vacation are the keys to sustainable business, profit & also family & happiness. This is why he wrote “Life leverage’, to show you that you can make money & make a difference, run your own enterprise without burning yourself out & never having family balance.

Rob his business partner Mark had amassed over 550 properties when Lord Alan Sugar said this of the young property investors:

‘While I was messing around with the FA these young property guys were making a fortune, it was a waste of my time and talent’

Rob has helped 100,000s of people become entrepreneurs & investors since 2006. He is known as the ‘property millionaire maker’ in many circles & his mantra is ‘If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything’.

If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you’re never challenged & you slowly rot away amid all the negativity, existing rather than truly living, then you will hate Rob. If you want to continually grow & innovate, you want to prove the skeptics wrong & have real meaning & legacy to your life, then Rob is the right man to help you.


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