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The MYTH Of Free Content

The prevailing narrative from those to whom people aspire, is that in order to find your audience, you must be a prolific deliverer of free content. The accepted wisdom is that persevere for long enough (in some cases 10 years), and you’ll get there! But the narrative is changing, and here’s why…

We are living in a creator economy. The world has changed. Corporate media powerhouses used to control the world by disseminating only the information they deemed appropriate. For generations, our thoughts, ideas, and lives were determined by the powers that be.

But no longer.

Anyone can get a message out into the world. With just a few clicks, your voice can be heard across numerous social media channels, reaching a myriad different types of clients instantaneously – fast and free. This has created a sudden shift in the balance of power. These channels are no longer listening to your pitches in order to have your content published. They’re now approaching content creators in never before seen numbers.

There is a healthy skirmish going on right now between the various social channels. Facebook is in competition with Clubhouse. Both are up against the rising popularity of Tik Tok, which is already stealing ground from YouTube. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Apple Podcasts… the list goes on.

Social media channels, in their attempts to gain your voice on an exclusive basis, offer more reach in terms of virality. If you have a message, if you have a niche, then they will be fighting for you. This leads to monetisation, proliferation, and an open door beyond which lies countless business leads.

This is why now is the time to re-think the value of your content. 

The most important thing to do is to make sure you’re omnipresent – look for the channels upon which you do not appear, and make sure you establish your presence now. Omnipresence beats overwhelm! Once you’re omnipresent, you can repurpose content to fit across all channels. one piece of content can find several dozen different ways of reaching an audience.

There are now over a dozen immediately tools available on social media that can boost your profile and make your voice louder. Why would we give away content for free in the hopes that “somewhere down the road” we may attract a lead by doing so?

We have tools such as Facebook Supporters, Facebook Live Events, Instagram Badges, Subscriptions, Patreon, YouTube Premium, and many more tools coming. 


Because social media want you to stay. They don’t want you to burn yourself out for no reward. Social media channels don’t want you to fail, and they certainly do not want you to give away your valuable content – your voice – for free. That is why the free content philosophy, which may have been true once upon a time, is now a myth.


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