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The benefits of repurposing content

When I talk about this, a lot people worry that, well, if I’m repurposing it across multiple platforms, that will be a duplication. A lot of people will see all the same content, and they might get frustrated or complain about that. Well, there’s a few things I can share with you, which I think will hopefully get you over that.

The creator economy is here. The decentralisation of media control is now giving power to the individual creator. The vast social media platforms are competing for creators like you. They are rewarding you with many monetisation features and the new ones with reach and virality. That is for another article entirely, but in order to stay ahead of your competition and leverage this great opportunity, you need smart content repurposing that gives omni-presence, and the feeling that you are doing content 100 hours a week, when you are highly leveraging your time. 

It might surprise you.  I get asked for this a lot, and as a value add to my community, here it is broken down step by step in full detail. It’s longer than usual, but more in depth than ever before

Audience reach

The first thing is most of the social media platforms will not give you reach to even 10 percent of your followers or your fans. On Facebook, my videos will normally get between 3, 000 and 5,000 views. There’s 134,000 that follow me. That’s pretty low. Like, that’s actually annoying. I know I’ve got to do what? 20, 30, 40, I don’t know more videos for prorated for my video to reach every person.

Of course, what’s going to happen, is, some is never going to reach, and some, they’re going to see more than one. Your top fans will usually consume all of your content, and that’s great. If you put your content across all the media, and each media lets you reach 10 percent, then you’ve got to do 10 pieces of content on that one media platform, just for in theory, everyone to see it once, or that like I said, some will see it. Some won’t see it. And some will see it more than once.

Those that sort of see it more than once, will want to see it more than once, or more than one piece of content, sorry, because the algorithm knows that they favour watching your content, because it’s got its intuitive. It’s just continually, this is like, machine learns people’s habits. The people that see your content a lot, want to see your content a lot. And the people that don’t, don’t so much. You’ve got to put a lot more content out there, just to get it seen once per person.

Different audience and social media platforms

The next thing, is, you’ve got a very different audience on Instagram versus LinkedIn, versus Facebook, versus in a Facebook Group, versus Twitter, versus on your podcast. Because people prefer to consume different media. The MD at Progressive Property, she says she doesn’t really use Facebook at all. She uses Instagram. She uses that a lot. Of course, there are people vice versa. I use Facebook a lot more than I use Instagram. I’m a great listener of and I have a podcast. I have two podcasts. But of course, only what, I think it’s about 12 to 15 percent of the UK, have listened to a podcast. That’s quite small. Other people prefer YouTube.

Yes, you’ve got your top fans who subscribe to you across all the platforms, and they want to see your content. This is the point. I went from one piece a week to 3 pieces a week to one piece a day.  I said I’m going for 3 pieces of content per day per platform.  I do notice that the reach per piece of content slightly goes down. But the overall reach, the overall views, watches, shares, comments have gone up.

The more content you put out there, the more people you reach. It’s just a numbers game. The goodwill you’ve built remotely, therefore, the more incoming leads you’ll have. When it comes to content marketing, like I said, don’t think of it as marketing, think it as adding value. It’s important to express for maybe 80 percent of the time, the things that you do, that are in your niche and market, that your ideal clients are going got relate to, and are going to most make them likely to understand the business that you do, and be a potential client.

Post consistently

I see a lot of people out there putting lots of random pieces of content out there. That sends a mixed message.  I have this 80/10/5/5 Rule for content posting, which I think you’ll get a lot of benefit from. 80 percent, is, you talking about your market, your model, your niche, the business that you’re in that attracts your ideal clients. 10 percent of the time, is, it’s good to talk about yourself. You know, some of the things you like to do. Some of the credibility that you have. Because people don’t care what you know till they know that you care. People want to relate to you as a person, not as a cold corporate machine.

I always have this sort of phobia, I guess, not major. But I’ve always thought, people don’t care about me. They’re all will know about all the things I’m doing. What they want to get is good content. For quite a long time, probably 2 or 3 years, it was just content, content, content, content, content, content. But I’d realise that people want to be inspired, motivated, educated and entertained. They want to connect with you as an individual. They don’t just want to know about your business model and your information. They want to know a bit about you, the human being, that you care, that you’re interesting, that you’re like them.

Of course, if you do that, 90 percent of the time, it’s just, hey, look at me. Look at what I do. If you’re Kim Kardashian or some kind of massive celebrity, then people who follow you just want to know what you’re up to. They want to get behind the curtain, if you like. I suggest you do that about 10 percent of the time.

How to sell yourself on social media

(No, not like that!) You shouldn’t be scared to do your pitching and selling. But if you do it all the time, there’s a lot of people that use social media very infrequently, and when they do, is, always a pitch. And you’re not going to build any goodwill. And people probably aren’t going to, you know, and this is why they don’t work a lot of the time. This is why a lot of people don’t use social media, because they haven’t done it the right way.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments over on Facebook, where I have shared my social channels so you can see the content repurposing for yourself.


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