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Set your Goals and Make them Happen

Okay, this is somewhat of a new concept or a test for me and for you because I used to run an accountability online coaching program, and what I would do is set up an accountability thread in our Facebook group where everyone could share their weekly or monthly goals and keep each other accountable.

And today, I’m going to enable you to do the same because I don’t think people talk about goals enough, I don’t set enough goals and bear with me because I think that when all is said and done, it’s all about accountability, isn’t it? When all is said and done, more is said than done.

So I was very grateful and fortunate to have interviewed Mark Victor Hanson on my podcast and Mark has written and collaborated on 312 books and sold more than 500,000,000 books and Mark said to me, you need to have at least 101 goals or 200 goals each year, not just 2 or 3 or 4 and if you only achieve half of them, you’re still achieving big time. So I scrapped the old notion and started setting 100, 200, 250 goals a year and Mark Victor Hanson himself inspired me to do that and since then, I’ve got some pretty good results that I’m going to share with you.

So I’m the host of The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast, which now has listeners in 204 countries, and I was very privileged

Okay, so I set a goal to learn how to fly a helicopter and I achieved that age 29, I set a goal to become a millionaire and achieved that at age 31, I set goals to become a deck-a-millionaire by about age 35 or so, I set a goal to win a business or company of the year award and achieved that in 2016 and I set a goal for my son to be in the golf world championships which he played in aged 5 and 6.

I set a goal to raise a million pounds for charity and I achieved that a few years ago, I used to ride by my dream house on my bicycle and I bought that house six years ago, I had a dream to have a Ferrari ever since I was a kid and I bought that car outright with cash.

I had a goal to be a very prolific podcaster and I’ve now done over 600 episodes on the Disruptive Entrepreneur and 150 episodes of my Money podcast. I had a dream to become a bestselling author and I’ve now written and finished 10 books and I’m writing another 3. I had a goal to be on a major TV show and I was on Primetime TV on a show called Get a Life as a Mentor. 

I set a goal to break a world record and I broke the world record for the longest ever public speech marathon, which was 47 and a half hours straight. I set a goal to be a mentor and now I mentor many UK celebrities and business owners and have created many millionaires, which feels really good and I set a goal to get a black belt in martial arts and now I’ve actually got two brown belts I’m not quite there, but I’m still pushing on that one.

I set a goal to have a property portfolio and now I own, co-own and manage over 750 rental units and a letting agency. I set a goal to have multiple streams of income and now I have nine different income streams including books and information and properties and various companies that I run.

I set a goal to interview the world’s most inspiring people, and now I’ve interviewed 14 billionaires as well as some of the world’s most famous people, including the most famous actress in Game of Thrones.

Weirdly, I set a goal to pay millions of pounds in taxes, and I’ve definitely achieved that through gritted teeth, but of course, we’ve got to generate revenue for society haven’t we?

I set a goal to be a great employer and we’re almost at 100 staff now and a contributor to our local community and we employ hundreds of outsources too. I set a goal to be the UK’s largest training company in my niche and we achieved that in 2016. I set a goal to be a global company and actually the lockdown has helped me with that, so thank you.

I set a goal to get the best mentor around and I’ve been working with people like John De Martini which is great and I set a goal to create random acts of kindness every day and do good for the world and I’ll try to do that every single day. 

And finally, I also wanted to live more, love, more, laugh more, and try new things every day. So, Mark, Victor Hanson, thank you for inspiring me to go from a few goals to hundreds of goals and I believe I’ve got thousands yet to achieve.

I encourage you to set more goals and let’s make a bit more of a difference on this planet. You should be stepping up because you can achieve way more than you’re currently achieving and make a big difference in life. 

And if I can do this I can hopefully pay it forward to you and you can look back and remember when Rob shared more about how you can set and achieve more goals. 

Rob Moore


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