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Nature vs Nurture. Are you born to succeed?

To get ahead in life, you just need to discover your best traits, work hard and then swim in the ocean of riches and happiness? Fine if you were born great at something. But for the rest us? You have no world class skills. But just a combination of being ‘average’ at a small selection of things?

Yes it might be soul-crushing but just stay with me for a second..

Are you being sold a lie?

You see, the smartest and most successful people aren’t great at one thing. No. They are effective at just a few small things which matter. Do you think Bill Gates is the world’s best programmer? Or the greatest speaker, salesperson or visionary?

Do you think Will Smith claims to be the world’s greatest actor? Or musician? No. They both got great at a few skills and welded them together into something far more valuable.

Being ‘mediocre’ doesn’t mean the end. Mediocrity can turn you into something priceless my friend. You won’t be the best at everything. No one expects you to. Individual skills maybe common. But combinations are rarer.

If you want to succeed but have no special talent, take a step back, dig deep, find your vision and build upon your inner selection of skills.

Shake things up and disrupt the status quo. It’s the only way to become world -class.

It’s this fusion that will make you great and a super-hero my friend.

Do you need talent to become great at your field?

No necessarily (although it does help)

Most top performers aren’t especially talented or gifted, or born with skills, but in fact are the people who have practiced the most

About 10,000 hours in fact.

So what’s the point…as it applies to you?

You might think you’re not cut out, good enough or born to become an entrepreneur.

But we think you’re probably wrong

Practice. Read. Learn. Do. Do Again. Make Mistakes. And experience. Try just one hour a day. You can quickly get to ‘intermediate’ level. Then ‘advanced’. Then ‘Expert’ And maybe even Master, or Artist.

You have everything you need. You are a great person.

Shoot for those 10,000 hours.  The payoff is compoundedly [a word?] huge.

It’s disproportionately huge to the little amount of time you will spend once you get to 10,000 hours but continue to reap the rewards for many, many years to come

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Are you glass half full? Or glass half empty? Glass overflowing or glass always empty? Which is best? What makes more moolah? Actually, neither. Pseudo-positivity and ‘it’ll be alright because I know the law of attraction’ will lead to dumb, expensive mistakes…That could have been easily avoided. Naivety might be an endearing quality in virginal relationships or Puppies, but in the real world of business and property, you’ll get eaten.


“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything?” right? So: *Expect the best & prepare for the worst* “The best way to reduce risk is to increase knowledge” Yes, if it’s humanly possible, you can do it too, but not without the right planning, de-risking, testing and tweaking, and increasing your knowledge [of the downsides too].

You can only build high when you have solid, deep foundations.

Education vs Experience

Those who think they can’t afford it or know it all often need it the most.

Those who are already successful, and wealthy are because they invested in themselves (time, travel, networking away from kids, courses, mentorships, books and audios, time on forums, self-discovery), and most people are waiting until they can afford it, but that never breaks the cycle.

Learning something new disrupts the way you’ve always seen things-and the way you’ve always been.

Fresh idea pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s powerful. Transformational.

Don’t resign yourself to being average. And mediocre. Or a spectator in the game. Be bold. Sail away from the safe harbor. It may feel better but in reality it’s not.

And that takes guts my friend. But I believe in brave thinkers like you.

Innovate or get left behind

If you’re not being laughed at you’re not innovating. Without innovation, you will lose market share. Your competition will crush you. You and your products will become yesterday’s news. New competition will pull ahead and leave you behind. To kindle your inner fire you have to alight your productivity. Try, learn, and try again. Wrap great ideas inside great ideas. “Think Different”. Think Apple.

Becoming Influential

You don’t become influential by following the herd

You don’t become influential by running away from your fears

You don’t become influential by obsessing about every fad, trend, and wave on the ocean surface

You don’t become influential by playing it safe or staying in your safety zone

You don’t become influential by avoiding confrontation or controversy

You don’t become influential without innovation

You don’t become influential without standing for something

And yes every visionary was initially called crazy. But the global economy is in a state of acute disruption.

Shouldn’t you just be yourself?

What if you’ve been wronged or lied to and your inner ego wants to scream and fight and let them have a piece?

Or you just don’t feel like doing what they say in those happy-clappy personal development seminars and leadership books?

You’re like everyone else in that you get  pissed off. You spout things you regret.

You make mistakes. You’re perfectly imperfect.

But, “Being Yourself” in that moment is  often and exactly the wrong thing to do –

You’ve sent an email that you wish you could ‘recall,’ (and not just the ‘recall’ message),

You’ve flipped out at someone, wished you hadn’t and then had to grovel ego in hand,

And you’ve experienced the guilt and regret of “Being Yourself” in that moment (which probably isn’t you anyway)

Don’t be yourself, be a leader:

A leader does exactly what they know they should do, especially when they don’t feel like it

A leader knows how to “Be who you need to be in that moment,” to inspire, guide and love.

A leader knows how to “Be who you want to Become,” to make a difference & leave a lasting legacy.

How to think like an entrepreneur

The way that entrepreneurs are very different to employees, is that, employees kind of create value later. They’re employed, then they work. Whereas, entrepreneurs create value first. And that’s why successful entrepreneurs are handsomely rewarded from the profit perspective. A lot of people are saying, well, what are you going to pay me, and what are my benefits package, before they’re actually done any job. You’ve to look at the CV, and rely on their history as a measure for the future.

We have to take risks. But I believe, you know, my saying, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything. Well, I don’t believe in going all in or 10X immediately. I believe in calculated risks, progressive incremental risks.

1. We see the world’s problem with a critical view to spot out the problems. But then we look to solve them.
2. We look for opportunities, and we seek out problems, but we don’t dwell in the problems, we seek the solution, the opportunity. We seek opportunity in everything.
3. We create value. We create value first, not later.
4. We don’t expect the world to pay us first. We go and prove what we can do, and then we get paid for it.
5. We solve. We serve. We scale.
6. We create fair exchange, maximum value, maximum margin.
7. We take calculated progressive risks.
8. We are producers more than consumers.
9. We disrupt, innovate, improve and repeat.


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