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My interview with the one and only JAKE PAUL!

Welcome to Disruptors! I don’t think my guest needs an introduction because it’s the one and only, Jake Paul. For the 8 people in the world who don’t know who Jake Paul is, he’s a YouTuber, an entertainer, a musician, a disruptor. Jake Paul usually only does press interviews and doesn’t do YouTube and podcast interviews, so this is an EXCLUSIVE.

So Jake, I want to get straight into it because I know you’re really busy doing a lot of stuff over there, I believe you’re in New York. First off, I want to say thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Jake Paul: 100% man, yeah, we’ve been going non stop this whole entire week, all types of media and stuff but that’s the grind, that’s the grind. 

Right now, we’re on the road for Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor, doing press conferences, tickets are on sale, you know – They’re selling out fast so you better get them now if you want to get good seats.

Rob Moore: Jake, I thought I’d do something different, maybe you haven’t done this before? I thought we’d do 6 rounds with Jake Paul.

  • Jake Paul in Training
  • Turning Pro
  • Weighing In
  • True and False
  • Would You Fight?
  • Quick KO Fire

So, I know you’ve not got massive amounts of time, so by all means answer them as quickly as you want.

Round 1 – Jake Paul in training

But, one thing a lot of my followers wanted me to ask you was how does a high school drop out kid from Ohio, become one of the most influential people in the world?

Jake Paul: You learn a lot along the way and you get the opportunity to get better, adapt and grow, or stay the same old kid from Ohio. 

I’m really good at learning, adapting and changing. You know, I don’t let life win. So, it’s not an easy road, not a lot of people can get here or anywhere, you know, this far, this fast, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. You’ve just got to dedicate yourself and go where other people aren’t.

Rob Moore: Was there one major goal? Something or someone you wanted to become?

Jake Paul: Not really, you know, to me it’s just about getting better every single day and hustling, you know, and okay I accomplished something, that’s great, but I want to accomplish more. I’m never satisfied. I think that’s part of the secret, you can never be satisfied.

It’s a challenge, honestly though. It’s a challenge of getting better and figuring out life, because life is really a game, that’s what I love most about it honestly.

Rob Moore: Is it sometimes painful if you’ve always got a challenge and you’ve always got to grow and you’ve never fully figured it out? Is there that pain that it’s never enough? 

Jake Paul: Yes, ha. Yes, that’s definitely a byproduct of never being satisfied, but that comes with the territory and it’s a little bit sad but that’s what the greatest people on earth I guess deal with, because they just want to keep on going. That’s what creates legends I guess.

Rob Moore: Jake, do you think you’re misunderstood?

Jake Paul: Uhh, for sure. Definitely, you know, I think the narrative is sort of changing. I think people are seeing who I actually am, and what I actually stand for. But, definitely misunderstood. 

I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that says “I wish I could explain” and it’s one of my favourite tattoos because no matter where I go, I can’t explain everything to everybody. Unless you know me or are my friend or have known me since I was a kid, that’s the only way you can judge me.

Rob Moore: What do you wish you could explain?

Jake Paul: Exactly that, it’s exactly that. You know, words can’t explain it. My life, who I am, what I stand for, what I’m doing, what my mission is, the stories of the things I’ve been through that have shaped me into the person that I am today.

But again, it’s a wish, right? I wish I could explain, because there’s so much to explain. I’d have to make a documentary or a movie about my life to barely capture or barely explain, a documentary would barely explain my life. So I’d need like 10 of those.

Rob Moore: So, Jake when you said the narrative is changing about you, what is it changing from and to?

Jake Paul: I don’t know, but it’s changing. It’s not my job to describe it. I think people were like “yo, this kid was some young, crazy YouTuber” and that’s what the media wanted to paint an image of and now it’s like “he’s actually a good guy and is a great boxer and a great athlete and I can’t believe he’s done it, gone this far and is so successful and smart because he’s made all of this money.” But, that’s just how the media works, right?

Rob Moore: So, Jake, you’ve done a lot of things in your life. Like you said, 10 documentaries in the making. You’re definitely a creator, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, a musician and a fighter, but how would you describe yourself?

Jake Paul: I would say just a hard worker, a visionary and I’m very tough, that’s about it really. 

Rob Moore: It just came out recently Jake that you’re the second highest earning YouTuber in the world. Was it ever a goal to be one of, if not the biggest YouTubers? And how did that make you feel? 

Jake Paul: Yeah, I mean I’m not really a YouTuber anymore. Maybe I’ve posted on YouTube a couple of times this year. 

Yeah I had a goal when I started to film on YouTube that I wanted to get the most amount of views out of any YouTuber, that was in like 2017. But I accomplished that goal, so yah, I was executing my vision. 

Rob Moore: Is it true you’ve got a goal to be a billionaire? 

Jake Paul: Umm, yeah. It is true.

Rob Moore: Why do you want to be a billionaire?

Jake Paul: I think it’s the challenge of getting there. If I wake up every single day and know that my goal is to become a billionaire then I have to operate my life in a very certain fashion and that pushes me to become a better person, on many different fronts. 

And I think when you have the money you can do whatever you want, it’s like that freedom. That’s the beautiful thing about money, is freedom and being able to go on vacation when you want or chill when you want or buy the nice things that you want. So, that’s part of it too. 

Round 2 – Turning Pro

Round 2 is Turning Pro. Is there any one person who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Jake Paul: Hmmm. I don’t think there is one person. I like to look at a bunch of people. You know, I’m inspired by a bunch of people, my whole life I’ve been inspired by many different people, but from time to time it changes.

Rob Moore: Anyone you could pick out maybe?

Jake Paul: Not really to be honest. I don’t think you should strive to be like one person, because then you’re going to become unoriginal. I like to pick people’s best attributes out and be inspired by them.

Rob Moore: Can you remember your first big payday? Can you remember how much it was, how you felt and what you did with it?

Jake Paul: Yeah, I got paid for a vine, a vine brand deal, I got like $200 and I went and I bought the new LeBron shoes.

Rob Moore: Jake, do you think you’ll overtake Conor McGregor as the highest paid athlete in the future?

Jake Paul: For sure, yeah, without a doubt. He doesn’t even fight anymore really, he just loses I guess. You can only fight so many times when you’re losing every single time. 

Rob Moore: You’d been quoted in TalkSport Jake saying “I’m going to go and get coached by Team Khabib”, is this maybe a hint that you’re going to move into MMA? 

Jake Paul: I might, yeah I might. I just think it’d be funny and I’m a wrestler so, you know, I have that wrestling background and there’s nothing I can’t do. In a couple of years someone is going to pay me a big bag so I’ll just round that cheque up and go kick some people in the face. 

Rob Moore: Jake when you say there’s nothing you can’t do, where do you get this confidence from?

Jake Paul: I don’t know if it comes from confidence, I guess it’s just facts. 

When you’re living your life, I’m very self aware and I don’t think a lot of people are. I just do things and I’m good at them so I just notice that and whatever I set my mind to I can figure it out. 

I guess everything in life is a game. If I wanted to learn how to play the piano, I could become the best piano player, just because, why not. It’s about rhythm and soul and feeling, obviously you have to practise but you just got to figure out things in life, that’s why I guess I say there’s nothing I can’t do.

Round 3 – Weighing in

Round 3, Weighing In. What do you think of KSI and Logan Paul going into business together?

Jake Paul: I think it’s dope, I think it’s smart, Logan’s sort of carrying the whole company but obviously KSI has got a big name, but it’s crushing it, so I’m proud of Logan and it’s a smart play by him.

Rob Moore: If KSI challenged you, would you ever fight him? 

Jake Paul: Yeah, I’d fight him whenever, wherever, I don’t even got to train. But he knows better than to do that.

Rob Moore: Do you think right now, Jake, that a lot of the big platforms and big tech, they have a lot of power to censor or deplatform people? Do you think that’s an issue right now?

Jake Paul: It’s a massive issue, yeah. We don’t have freedom of speech anymore, and it’s very scary. 

It’s a very scary time to be alive and these platforms are controlling how people think and control the world. It’s all propaganda at the end of the day so it’s definitely very scary, and humans don’t even realise it until it’s too late.

 They’ll probably never realise it, because you don’t understand. You are just consuming, you just open up the phone and are looking, but what’s being put in front of your eyes is definitely being controlled and that slowly has an effect on you and inspires you to act a certain way. So in its essence, censorship is actually just control.

Rob Moore: Do you have any view on what’s going on with Spotify and Joe Rogan, all that right now? 

Jake Paul: It’s crazy. I don’t get how people are mad, you know, Joe Rogan is just speaking his truth and a lot of it’s facts and everyone should be able to say what they want. It’s not up to Spotify, again it’s censorship, people want Spotify to censor, for what reason? 

So again, it just goes back to the fact that platforms are being censored to control the way people think. People say that it’s “misinformation”, well no it’s not, do you actually know that? It’s pretty embarrassing the way our society thinks and I’m ashamed to be a part of this generation and I think Joe Rogan is great.

Rob Moore: Jake, do you invest in businesses or do you invest in assets? 

Jake Paul: Yeah, yeah, both, both.

Rob Moore: What kind of projects do you have on the go?

Jake Paul: Well my venture capital firm, we’re investing into like 4 to 5 companies per quarter. So we invested into 20 different companies last year, different metaverses, crypto utilities, NFT utilities, direct consumer brands – we’re really active on that side of things.

Real estate as much as possible, but that’s my focus for this year. 

Rob Moore: Do you think you’ll launch your own NFT or NFT series?

Jake Paul: Yeah, I did a boxing one. I launched a digital rookie card and a couple of other things, so I’ve definitely dabbled in the space. I definitely have more plans for the future.

Rob Moore: Jake, I know you have a charity called Boxing Bullies, which we’ve supported and thank you for all the great work you do there. Why is that important to you? And, I’d love you to shout that out here on the show.

Jake Paul: Yeah, no, Boxing Bullies is one of my favourite things. 

No one my age who has a platform really is doing any sort of charity work, I guess, besides like Jayden Smith, I guess in a real, meaningful way. So, I didn’t want to let that continue being the case and needed to act on my fellow 25 and under friends’ behalf. 

Bullying is such a big thing, especially on the internet. I’ve been bullied and it hurts and I’ve bullied and it hurts, or you’re bullying because you’re hurt, so I’m just raising awareness about that. 

It’s around the sport of boxing and giving people confidence, giving them a purpose and that’s what really helped me find my purpose, was boxing. I wanted to show the kids it’s not cool to bully anyone and maybe pick up some gloves if you have some extra anger to get out.

Rob Moore: Where, if anyone wants to support, can they go if they want to help out there?

Jake Paul: you can make a donation there, that would be much appreciated. We’re renovating a bunch of new boxing gyms too right now, old boxing gyms, so we’re doing a lot of cool stuff there.

Round 4 – True or False with Jake Paul

Round 4, we’re getting through these rounds. So, True or False and Why?

Does Dana White pay his fighters correctly or fairly?

Jake Paul: False, they make less than a janitor. 

I’m not saying a janitor is a bad job or anything but they’re risking their lives in the ring and they don’t have long term healthcare and the Heavyweight Champion of The World in boxing is making $30Million and the Heavyweight Champion of UFC is making $600K.

So, where is all that extra money going? It’s all greed and it’s all going to Phil or Dana White’s pockets.

Rob Moore: Why do you think he’s not paying the fighters fairly?

Jake Paul: Greed. He’s running a business and he’s a capitalist, and he’s looking at those P&L’s and he just wants to take more and more money, that’s really all it is.

Rob Moore: Did I see you’ve just made a diss track about Dana White? What’s that all about?

Jake Paul: Yeah, ha. Just our ongoing feud and raising awareness and trying to start a revolution, because no one seems to have the balls to speak up about this thing which is clearly a problem and about this guy who is clearly a problem.

I want to use my platform to drive change and to, I guess, help fighters in any way possible.

Rob Moore: Is the problem with Dana White just that he doesn’t pay his fighters fairly, or is there something else involved?

Jake Paul: The problem is that he says sh*t about me all the time that’s not true. I’m like yo, what about you, what are you up to Mr? I’m going to put you on blast. You want to be in the media? Let’s do some media. I’ll write a song about your rich ass.

Rob Moore: Is everything in the video about him true?

Jake Paul: I mean, I’m not God but my spidey senses tell me yes.

True or False and Why, did Floyd Mayweather fully pay up Logan Paul for their fight?

Jake Paul: Nah, Floyd is broke man, I’ve been saying it the whole entire time.

Rob Moore: So you think he didn’t pay up just because he doesn’t have the money?

Jake Paul: I think he probably spent it on all the girls he pays to be around him.

True or False, are you in talks with new Heavyweight UFC legend Francis Ngannou?

Jake Paul: False.

Rob Moore: So, do you think someone’s spreading those rumours? 

Jake Paul: I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on there. I guess you could say, it goes back to my earlier point, how this generation just believes anything that they read or see or hear. 

I could call up CNN right now and tell them something crazy and they would run with that sh*t without having any facts to check it.

True or False, Tommy Fury was injured leading him to pull out of your fight?

Jake Paul: Unknown, ha. He says he was injured but who knows. The Furys have a history of pulling out of fights so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a hoax but it’s not my problem now.

Round 5 – Jake Paul would you fight?

Round 5. This is a quick one, it’s called Would You Fight and Would They Fight You. So, would you fight Mike Tyson?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would you fight Floyd Mayweather?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would you fight Canelo?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would you fight Khabib?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would you fight Conor McGregor?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would Mike Tyson fight you?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would Floyd Mayweather fight you?

Jake Paul: No.

Rob Moore: Would Canelo fight you?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would Khabib fight you?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would Conor McGregor fight you?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: Would you fight Logan Paul and would Logan Paul fight you?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: That’s my favourite round so far.

Jake Paul: That was a good one.

Round 6 – Quick KO fire

Round 6 is the final round, the KO Round.

Who is your favourite creator and why? Or a creator you really like?

Jake Paul: Who are those guys? The boys? The wee boys? Oh man, I’m forgetting their names right now. The f*ck – I don’t know man. I’ll think of it, hold on. I don’t know, I’ll think of it by the end of the interview though.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken Jake?

Jake Paul: Probably moving to Hollywood with no idea what the f*ck I was doing, ha. With my brother who had no idea what he was doing either, we were just there by ourselves with like $5,000. 

Why did you move to Hollywood? What was the goal?

Jake Paul: Just to pursue entertainment and look for more opportunities for our careers and to have fun, honestly, because when I visited LA I was like, this is way better than Ohio.

Rob Moore: Jake, when you think about what you want to do with your life, do you have a very clear outcome for your whole life? Or, do you like to bob and weave with opportunities that present themselves to you?

Jake Paul: Yeah, bob and weave but like I have a clear path and I know what my passions are. But, sometimes life has its own plans you know, so you can’t just always stick to what the game plan was before, you have to adapt and overcome and know what the ultimate goal is, I guess, if that makes sense?

What’s the best advice you ever remember receiving? 

Jake Paul: I would say, the only easy day was yesterday.

What’s the worst advice you ever remember receiving?

Jake Paul: A lot, haha. People give terrible advice. So much stuff, my teachers were like “don’t go to LA, you’re never going to make it”, that was the worst advice.

Does Jake Paul have any regrets?

Jake Paul: Nope. I’ve got a tattoo that says no regrets right there. But it’s spelled wrong.

What’s the most expensive single purchase you’ve ever made?

Jake Paul: Like a house or something probably, but like besides that probably this watch.

Rob Moore: Is that a Richard Mille?

Jake Paul: Yeah.

Rob Moore: And how much is one of them?

Jake Paul: This is worth almost $900K.

Rob Moore: Richard Mille, big daddy.

What’s the most money you’ve ever made in a day?

Jake Paul: Ummm, probably $20Million, $25Million maybe. Yeah, like around there.

What trends and creators do you think will change the game in 2022?

Jake Paul: Being yourself and honest as f*ck and not giving a sh*t about cancel culture. Those people will be successful. All this fake ass sh*t is going to collapse.

Does money make you happy?

Jake Paul: Money doesn’t make me happy but using it as a tool to unlock activities and experiences and dinners and being able to go places with my friends and family, that makes me happy.

As someone who has had a lot of haters, have you got a little hack for people dealing with hate?

Jake Paul: If you’re doing anything that’s important, you’re going to have haters. If you’re not doing anything important, then you won’t have haters but it’ll be an easier life. But that means you’re not doing anything important, so if you have haters you’re probably doing something important and stick to that, focus on that. 

Honestly, no matter what, they’re probably going to make you richer and happier in the long run because you’ll find a better version of yourself through the hate.

How does Jake Paul stay mentally strong?

Jake Paul: A lot of meditation helps and journaling helps and speaking with your friends and family about your feelings and emotions helps.

Would you rather have $100Million cash or 100 Million engaged followers, and why?

Jake Paul: 100 million engaged followers for sure, hands down because you can turn that into way more than $100Million cash.

Rob Moore: Jake, I know that you’re really busy and that you’re doing a lot of promotion and you don’t normally do these kinds of interviews so I just want to thank you very much for taking the time, and sharing with us today, I’m really grateful. Thank you very much.

Jake Paul: Thank you man, I appreciate you.

Thank you to Jake Paul

A huge thanks to Jake Paul for taking the time to give us this amazing interview.

You can watch the full interview at the top of this blog or you can head over to Rob’s YouTube channel and view it there. Remember to like the video, subscribe to the channel and turn the notification bell on.

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