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How To get more organic fans, social media followers

Anyone who had a business 10 or 15 years ago knew that you really need to build an email database, and get people subscribing to your emails that you put out there. That’s how you generate business, through email marketing. Then of course, content marketing came along. And now, there’s social media marketing.

Social media is just a mechanism of communication that everyone is using. Like for me, social media is become something I enjoy to do. But it wasn’t something I desired to do. I did it, because it gives me the reach and the connection to my followers, fans, customers and clients, leads, contacts, joint-venture partners, podcast guests, business partners, VC funders. Literally, it’s a frictionless way for you to connect with virtually, everyone in the world. Who really isn’t on social media now?

Post (good content) consistently

There is no substitute or gimmick that beats great content. What makes great content? It of course varies across platform and niche, so listen to your followers and give them what they ask for. Crowdsource ideas and content from them. Solve their problems. Share problems you solved yourself and how you did it, step by step. Educate and entertain. Give value. Give something new, or a new take on a common theme. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Give granular tips as well as fluffy visions. Share proven great content, always quoting the source.

My friend Yianni who has 1million followers on his car wrapping “Yiannimize’ Instagram account, posts 9 times a day across Instagram and Snapchat. I upped my posting from once a day to three times a day. I used to fear overwhelming people, but as the platforms control and restrict your reach, you need to post more to reach more people. Some of the big influencers like Grant Cardone sometimes post hourly on Twitter. The shorter the platform format, the more frequently you could post.

Your reach, following, engagement and visibility only increase if your volume of posting increases, with the caveat that the content is unique, useful or interesting.

Be Disruptive

If you have a rant about things you believe are wrong in the world, or nonsense and noise, you will wildly expand your reach. Rants do tend to polarise people, so don’t expect to have a rant and not get a little bit of a backlash. But backlashes will be part of the reason you vastly increase your reach. Don’t rant everyday otherwise it becomes normal
and uninteresting.

One of my posts titles “All This 5am Club Bollocks” got hundreds of thousands of views. It is a simple premise, and people seem to like a rant about things they were thinking too, or have had enough of, or don’t agree with. My ‘5am club’ post was popular because people were sick of being told they’re a loser unless they get up at 5am. What have people had enough of being force fed? What’s now boring and been done to death? If you have the element of surprise, or going against the tide of conventional wisdom, you will get great traction in your posts. Once again, don’t overdo it, pick your battles wisely.

If your content and message is good, then newsjacking will have vastly more reach and exposure, especially if it’s an emotive subject. Some people do this too much, and jump onto easy political or polarised debates, but this can become gimmicky.

Leverage Free and Premium content

The third one, which I think is potentially the biggest one, is, the changing of content, and the difference between free and premium. I think it’s going to be huge. Even if you just want to follow it to see how it grows and progresses. Of course, as Facebook rolls this out, the price will go up. They will take the big card, that everyone will be doing it. So, it’s something you can get in early.

You’ve probably heard of Patreon. If you haven’t, it’s a very big platform in he UK, where you can basically support artists, creatives, innovators, influencers. Essentially, fans can donate to their creators. It’s like crowdfunding platform. In exchange for that, they’ll give you some levels of service signed, merged events, shout-outs, WhatsApp Groups, et cetera. That’s been a great thing for many creators who’ve got skills, but they haven’t got massive funding.

Because 20 years ago, you had to pay for all content. Then it all just became free. And of course, the benefit of free, is, you can get good content for free. But it’s like, sifting for gold, you’ve got to go through all sorts of mud. And anyone can chuck anything out there. It’s like the wild west. And that’s how free content has become.

Getting rid of all the ads means of course, who would be prepared to pay £3.49 a month to not have any ads or £7.99 a month to have no ads on podcast. I think a lot of people. Facebook is a bit of a paradox isn’t it? Because a lot of people love it and use it for free, and then bitch and moan about the ads. But if it wasn’t for the ads, it wouldn’t be free. So, it has become a big paradox. That’s why I think a lot of people have moved off Facebook. But I still think Facebook is great in many ways.

But now, you can choose. You can have the free content, which is probably going to reduce in quality over time. Or, you can have the premium of paying a very small amount, and get the best content. I believe all that will do, is, it will create a bigger divide between the quality of premium and free.

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