Rob Moore Foundation

The Rob Moore Foundation (RMF)

I set up the Rob Moore Foundation to help young people in Britain and across the globe, to start & scale their own enterprise, and get better financial and entrepreneurial education. The RMF is ideally looking to get the most disadvantaged young people and provide financial support to empower individuals under the age of 25, from all walks of life, to turn their dreams into reality.

I believe there are young entrepreneurs who are exceptionally talented, who need help to grow their talent and put it to good use. Whether they need help with education, setting up a business or mentoring help. The RMF is here to help teenagers & young adults further their careers and fulfill their dreams,” – 

Rob Moore

The RMF Mission

To help especially young and underprivileged people merge their passion with their profession and have equal opportunity to be self-sufficient and successful through scholarships, apprenticeships, education and inspiration.

The RMF offers a hands-on approach and will support the successful candidate with funding, encouragement and inspiration to help successful applicants on their journey to reach their goal or start their own business.

Aims & goals

Rob and other successful entrepreneurs giving their time and experience through keynote speeches, education and advisory positions
Giving scholarships for financial and entrepreneurial courses, mentorships and masterminds
Creating free educational material and resources
Giving apprenticeships in successful businesses and with dynamic entrepreneurs

Criteria for help from the

Rob Moore Foundation

Please fill in the application below if you would like to be considered for funding, mentorship or course & educational materials, from the Rob Moore Foundation.

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