Have you ever worked so hard or so much that it felt like you woke up 10 years older?

Ever feel your free time being swallowed up by work on the promise that it will be OK if & when…But it never seems to change?

And the dream of the pension, retirement or financial & time freedom seems to stay just teasingly out of reach?

Well it may be the case that you had some wins along the way; you just didn’t let yourself feel it. Ever hit a small milestone but not found the time to celebrate because you’re not there yet or it’s not enough?

And then it’s never enough

Take a little time to celebrate those small wins too. Celebrate along the journey not just the end goal

Small incremental rewards help you enjoy the journey, and edify your path. They anchor & programme the desire within you for that positive feeling, like your daily coffee or kissing your kids goodnight, & you unconsciously go out to seek more of it, pushing you faster & closer to your goal

Celebrate now to enjoy the journey, and celebrate now to get there faster

Rob Moore

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