This Podcast episode was TOO GOOD not to share so I have linked it for you here.

The Financial Revolution is Coming 📉New podcast episode has gone live today & it’s one that will affect everyone. We’re out of lockdown, taxes will be due & loans will need to be paid back… the financial disruption is on its way in forms of tax changes, cryptocurrency and more – you will need to know how to thrive & not just survive!


Key Moments:
✔️Preserve your capital and don’t waste it. Invest it into assets where you can gain reoccurring income.
✔️A financial crash can be an opportunity for you, if you work in the right way and make the most of opportunities out there
✔️A personal brand is a valuable asset, creating content and information via your personal brand creates endless ways to make money.Have you got any tips that we can use if a crash happens?

✔️Non Apple:…/warning-the-content-revolution-is-coming