Life can sometimes be blighted by two single words that have the power to block opportunity, solution and growth. Around 70% of all people use this pair of words to refute all attempts at improvement, growth and development.

Yeah, but…

A solution offered is met by “Yeah, but…”

Sure fire ways of making money? “Yeah, but…”

A road to growth, success or fulfilment is offered, but the response begins with “Yeah, but…

Yeah, but…” is indicative of a lack of desire to solve the problem.

But there are also three words that can change life for the better, opening up opportunity for all, and create solutions to problems, so long as they’re wanted.

Tell me more…” opens your mind, and the door, to opportunity and possibility.

This is not to say that “Tell me more…” leads to a pain-free existence. It’s absolutely true that the bigger the opportunities that come into your life, the bigger the problems or challenges you’ll have to solve. Life doesn’t get easier, it gets different. Life doesn’t become simpler – you simply become better at it. Being sceptical about solutions is a natural reaction, and it’s wise to err on the side of caution. Trust comes through verification, after all. 

We need to remember that every winner was once a beginner – every master was once a disaster – but no conqueror of their own destiny ever got to hold that position by never embracing opportunity. No champion ever met the challenges of life and succeeded, by blocking possibilities with “Yeah, but…”

Tell me more…” is the antithesis of closed-mindedness. It denotes that we are open to solutions – to possibilities – to change. We cannot hope to grow into the version of ourselves that destiny demands, if we meet each moment with our armour held high.

Turn “Yeah, but…” into “Tell me more…” and you will change your life!

Rob Moore