You only have a finite amount of energy. Because of this, energy is as much an investment as money and time.

If you invest your energy in the affairs of others, doing tasks that are important to others but not you, over concern for what people think of you or that which you can’t control, you are expending energy that pays no return.

There is a double-compounding effect because of a. the opportunity cost of putting that energy into a worthwhile vision and b. the vast energy it took mentally and physically being distracted.

You can literally gain time if you put your energy into a single clear vision, focus it to serve & solve, and avoid expending/wasting it complaining, blaming, excusing or second guessing.

Overwhelm, frustration, envy, anger and other negative emotions burn/waste energy. Vision, mission, care, service and gratitude conserve and recharge energy.

Be mindful of how you invest your energy

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