Let me ask you this. Are you scared of the implications of the virus and the market crashes for your business? I’ve got my apocalypse t-shirt on at already. That being said, I think we have to take a balanced view of this. I don’t think you can ignore this, and pretend that it’s just everyone getting scared, and mass media panic, and frenzy, and hype, because it’s obviously happening. And events are being cancelled. As a reality of the situation, is that, you have to make a plan. I’ve done content about that before.

But I want to say this to you. If you’re worried about your business, you’re worried about your livelihood, then your competitions are just as much as you. In 2008, there was a big recession. And Mark and I, my business partner, we were scared for a bit. We were, because we’ve never seen it before. We’re a pair of kids. We have no idea. And as such, it as wobbly and scary.

But my personal development education kicked. All the stuff you read about, be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy. Observe the masses and do the opposite. They are quotes that sound nice, and you think, yeah, I’ll do that. Then actually, when it happens, have you got the mindset, the skillset, and the steel set to do that.

Mark and I navigated our way as best as we could. We started making low offers on properties. We kept our overheads really low. And 2009 was our best year ever for buying properties. We bought loads of properties at loads of discounts. We’re looking back, it was the best year ever. The best yields. The best purchase prices. And we bought the most. And we cleaned up. We almost wished that every year was like 2009.

I’m seeing really similar signs in 2020. Let’s be honest, it’s been a long time. We all knew that some kind of recession was probably imminent. Maybe, we didn’t expect it to be kicked off in this way. The stock markets have crashed, going down and down and down. But of course, that can be opportunity as well.

But the point I want to say to you, is, if you wobble, if you get scared, if everyone on Facebook, and everyone in your WhatsApp Group, and everyone else is panicking and scared, and every event is cancelled, and everyone is going to be quarantined, remember that’s the same for your competition. Remember there are probably more scared than you. Remember, they probably don’t have the experience that you do. Remember, maybe they don’t have someone like me who is helping you through this journey.

I’m trying to keep my energy high. I’m trying to keep my positivity, my enthusiasm high. I’m trying to fix the problems. I’m trying to look at the opportunity. I’m trying to immunise and inoculate myself from the fear, the panic and the pandemonium. You read the facts, of course. I’m not being delusional about that. You need the facts. What are the facts? What’s happening today? What’s happening tomorrow? What’s happening the next day? What’s happening day by day?

But if you throw everything in, because of what might happen, when someone tells you what is happening when they don’t know, because no one knows, not even the people in the policy, who create the policy and who manage the country, actually know, then you cannot plan for what you cannot plan for, other than to have a crisis management plan, a plan ready to pivot. A plan to move into a new arena, or area, or model, or industry, or product, or service. That’s all you can do. And your competitors are scared. Many of my competitors cancelling events. Scared. Don’t know what to do.

My WhatsApp is going crazy from my clients, and my peers, and the people I mentor. What are you doing? It’s like, for some reasons someone, loads of people think I’m like the coronavirus expert. They’re all asking me, what do you do? Well, I’ve never seen this before. None of us have ever seen this before. But it’s like a level. It’s a great leveller. I mean, if I were fairly new in my industry, and I know what I know now, this would be the most exciting time, the most disruptive time. Because all my competitors who were doing 20 million, when I’m doing 20 grand, they’re probably going to have to reduce their overhead. They’re going to have big challenges. They can’t pivot as quickly. They’re like a big Titanic. They’re bloated. They’ve got massive overhead. And as such, it would be a massive opportunity for somebody who’s lean, somebody who’s agile.

My mindset, is, okay, get the facts. Ignore all the noise. Get out of all the groups and unfollow all the people who are just fear for the sake of fear. And let’s have proper experts on it. Just stick to the fact. Every day, look at what I need to do today. Carry on as normal.

For example, we just launched our Progressive Property Supporters Programme. The first property training company. We’ll be 6 months ahead of everybody else. We’ve just launched it. We’re doing or last ever 2 Multiple Streams of Property Income events. Mark and I are speaking at it. We haven’t spoken at that for years. We’re doing masterminds and dinners in the evenings. So, we’re making better events. We’re redesigning all of our events. We’re running our events in Peterborough, not London. So, therefore, the risk is much more reduced. The overhead is much more reduced.

While a lot of my competitors are going, I’m out. I’m out. I’m out. I’m out. I’m out. I’m going, I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. Not blindly, not like overly bullish. But if a lot of your competitors are scaling back, then even if your industry reduces, your reach in that industry, your market capitalisation, human capital as well as actual capital is increased. Because you have more people to access in total, because even if your market is less, your competitors aren’t there taking the clients you might have had a claim to.

You can really double down here. Now, you’ve got to keep your overheads low. You’ve got to stay lean. You’ve got to stay agile. But remember when you’re scared. Everyone else is scared, and everyone else is probably more scared. So, for me, energy is so important. Energy, vitality, enthusiasm, fixing problems, looking at new products, new services. Seeing this as an opportunity. Seeing this as a way to get accelerated, almost false market share.

Let’s be honest. I bet there’s a part of you that love someone to go and assassinate all your competitors, or maybe, you’re not that cruel. But there’s a part of me that would love for someone to just go and kidnap all your competitors, and just hide them away. Give them a bit of a nice food. Give them a PlayStation or something like that. But just sort them off out of your industry forever so that you can own the industry. Of course, you would. Who wouldn’t secretly love that? Well, that is happening. That is happening NOW!!!

This is possibly an unbelievable opportunity. But you may not have to pivot once. You may have to pivot twice. You’re definitely going to have to offer more value. You’re going to have to offer better products and services. You’re going to have to change the delivery mechanism. If you are running massive events in America and in London, and they’re getting called off, you’ve got pivot really quickly. That does have a big implication. I’m not saying it won’t. Postponing events might take hit on your cashflow. You might have to wind your cashflow back.

But of course, the smaller you are, the more lean you are, the less that’s actually going to affect you. So, what you don’t want, is the big companies to scare you, or you to be scared by what’s happening to the big companies. An airline might go bust. But it’s not just about the virus, really, is it? Let’s be honest, it started since Brexit. But you’re not an airline. You might just be a one-man band entrepreneur. Or, you might have low overhead. So, NOW is Your Time To Grab Your Share!

A couple of people said, ah, Rob, are you saying therefore, that then in all this panic, and worry, and seriousness, you’re going to take advantage of it? Well, no, in a negative way. But in a service, and a solution, and a free market capitalist opportunistic way. Hand straight. Because, if you don’t, you die. It’s the quick and the dead. Are you quick? Or, are you dead?

Some things to think about there. Your competition is struggling. You can get more market share, even if your market has a total reduces. If people are quarantined, what products and services could you offer for quarantined people? Could you pivot and do online training, and education, and support, and mentoring, and masterminding, and products, and services? Because I think you could.

I’ve got someone who I mentor in the Brand and Marketing Mastermind. She’s a teacher. She has an online platform. She just set up a new free resource with all the information about the coronavirus in schools. She’s got 26,000 new members yesterday. We were chatting about how she could get a million members in these 3 months. Then turn on the monetisation model. This could be the best thing that happened to a business ever. If she has 100,000 members at 1.99 a month, bang! Look at that.

And that opportunity is there for many of us who’s got to see it. That might mean you have to pivot. That might mean what was normal and comfortable for you and routine, that might have to get shaken up.

I’m seeing a lot of fear out there. I’m seeing a lot of people blurting that fear, leaking that fear out to everyone else. I’m seeing a lot of people… I think the fear is now not about the virus. It’s about how scared other people are about the virus. It’s the fear of the fear. So, you’ve got to be careful not to take it out of context.

Do I know what’s going to happen? No. Are loads of people asking me? yeah. Can you ask me? Yeah. Have you got a crystal ball? No. But that’s my plan. Maintain energy, enthusiasm, new products, new services, agility, being lean, looking to pivot quickly. I need to be a lot more scared than a lot more of my smaller competitors.

But what does being scared do? It freezes you. It makes you procrastinate, overwhelms you. I can’t be in that. I can’t live in that world. Because it doesn’t serve solutions, innovations, disruptions, designing new products and services.

I’ve had about 5 or 6 new products and services I wanted to launch for 3 years. But I haven’t, because you’ve got too much going on. It doesn’t seem like the right time. Well, they’re ready now. They’re all parked and ready. I can launch them tomorrow, if I need to.

Something to think about. Anyway, please share this with anyone you know, because I think we need to combat fear. I think we need to give people solutions and strategies. We need to change the energy here. Because man, everyone is like ugh. The energy is awful. Life is about energy. Money is about energy. Results is about energy. You’ve got to manage your own energy.

Please share this around. Get this energy shared out to people you care about and other people that are maybe in your peer group. Because I think it’s vital. Too long have we allowed the media to give us the negativity, the pain, the fear. Too long fear cells, pain cells, panic cells, and the energy of the globe is so low, because of that. We need to change that, f**k that shit up. So, let’s change that energy, and be a bit more proactive and productive.

We’re in a free market. And we are in the quick and the dead, and the survival of the fittest. So, you’re the fittest and the most adaptable to change. You’re going to look back and go, man, that virus is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m already seeing lots of upsides, by the way, even though I’m not pretending it’s not challenge. There are definitely big challenges right now. But there are also equally big upsides, lessons, opportunities, and disruptions.

Alan has said, panic, sells toilet rolls. That is the quote of the century, Alan. Panic, sells. You need a t-shirt, panic, sells toilet rolls. So, remember, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything. Someone has just hit me up with 250 stars. Thank you very much, Sonia. Sonia, you’re an angel. Thank you for the stars. If you want to hit me up with 500 stars, you can have a shout-out to your business, your brand, your podcast, your website, whatever it is that you do, your Facebook Group.

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Rob Moore