In this series I want to introduce to you some of the amazing people I have been working with recently. This week I want to introduce you to the amazing Ellie McKay!

£4m of JV finance in 12 months on Linkedin, & 20 properties in 12 months!

My firecracker of a client Ellie McKay has had a HUGE couple of years, and also some really big challenges. She’s relentless, will just not stop, check this out:

>Raised £4M in 12 months on LinkedIn 

>Purchased 20+ properties in 12 months worth over £2M 

>Went from 3 staff to 16 in the last 12 months 

>Set up ‘On a Mission’ podcast with some amazing guests & 34k  followers on LinkedIn 

>Went from being unable to run 3 miles to doing 48 miles in one weekend and raised £3k for Mind charity

>Launched a new Fire Protection business last July and on course to turnover 7 figures in first year 

>3 kids. Set up property business when my youngest was 5 months old

>Sold my house and moved into a rental to invest every last penny into the business

>I was on job seekers allowance and severely struggling with my mental health, panic attacks 3 years ago, quite early on when I got involved with Progressive

Rob’s Progressive Property community and podcast agency are so supportive, I’ve had anxiety speaking in public and wobbles along my journey, but this amazing community is always there for you. Thank you, Ellie 

Wow, right? IT works, IF you do! Ask Ellie any Qs in the comments & please congratulate her in our Facebook Group.

(Also check out her podcast ‘On a Mission”…)

In this unmissable interview, Ellie interviews the Disruptive Entrepreneur, co-founder of Progressive Property, best selling author of 9 books, Rob Moore.

Rob goes DEEP and gives an honest insight into his story so far warts and all. For the first time EVER he reveals his most embarrassing moment and also what he really thinks about the Coronavirus epidemic.

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Rob Moore