I’m sorry, but I can’t watch in silence with fundamentally bad advice
being thrown around…
But before I get on my high horse about the following points below…
IF you want to have a small business, a ‘lifestyl-ee’ business, you
want to be a self-employed, a very hands on with no staff type
landlord, then IGNORE the rest of my post. I’m often misunderstood;
I’m not judging or demeaning those positions, it’s just that most of
the 100s of 1,000s of people who follow me, ask for my help, are part
of Progressive, want something entirely different, like:
i. To be an investor (not a landlord)
ii. Freedom (not working 14 hours a day 6 days a week)

so, here goes:
1. Hard work vs. smart
You do NOT need to hustle & grind 14 hours a day for 10 years to be an
overnight success. You can leverage, work smarter, get VAs & admin,
work on KRAs & IGTs only/mostly. You DO get to pick & choose (most) of
the fun work, & you should equally value having fun, doing what you
love, resting & playing with hard work. YES, you have to work hard
enough not to have to work hard, in short sharp bursts, but please
don’t subscribe to the ONLY way to be successful is the full on grind
& DOUBLE please don’t wear hard graft like a badge of honour. Get
help. Build a team. Let go to grow
2. Busy vs productive
Linked to the above point. You can literally work 90 minutes a day on
high KRAs (Key Results Areas) & have no need to do any more. You can
pick ONE highly important, income generating taks, & do that. DO NOT
mistake being busy for being productive. Do not get addicted to the
amount of hours, get addicted to the QUALITY
3. Mistakes vs mentors
“It’s best to learn from your mistakes”, say many. I disagree. It is
FAAR better to learn from (& leverage) the mistakes of others. Would
you rather go bust yourself to learn how it works, to have a failed
commercial property project, or get mentors, good people around you,
advisors, etc, and learn vicariously through them. Stand on the
shoulder of giants, leverage the mistakes of others. Does that mean
you will never make any? of course not. Will you make far less, and
will it cost you far less, YES, if you are open to it.
4. On the tools vs. on the business
Someone posted today saying you NEED to be on the tools to know how to
and effectively run a project. I disagreed, hard, because IF you want
to be an investor or business owner, you can’t paint walls and lead a
team. You can’t hang doors and grow an empire. Steve Jobs stop
building motherboards. Elon doesn’t build the rockets & cars. Nothing
wrong with working your way UP from the ‘tools’, but if you want to be
an investor/entrepreneur, you need to work ON the business not on the
5. DIY vs. LIO
Do it yourself vs. Leverage it out. Another common sense saying that’s
bad advice for entrepreneurs: “If you want something done properly, do
it yourself. No, if you want something done properly, hire someone
smarter and more experienced than you to do it better than you. This
can be a single job or a full time staff member. Most of what my
nearly 100 staff do, I cannot, & do not know how. I need to do MY job,
not theirs. If I haver to do theirs, 1. I can’t do & grow my own, & 2.
what’s the point in having them?
So be clear on your vision & who/what you want to be, when you take
advice. Filter based on their experience & your intentions. Hope this
helps, & happy to debate any points out or for you to add your own.

Rob Moore