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Hybrid-ising is a way to innovate & grow to create new niches, solutions & strategies that can help you make money and make a difference in your business & life.

As we have evolved through time we have hyper-specialised. Not even 100 years ago you could only get one model Ford, the Model T, & only in black. Now you get hybrid cars of hybrid cars, like the Merc CLA or GLA; a hybrid of a hybrid, in any bespoke colour you choose & with a bespoke spec.

In music you had the Beatles & now you have all manner of super-specialised hybrid bands like babymetal & Metallica played only on string instruments & white kids merging rap & R&B & pop. In Golf you have a ‘hybrid’ club which is a cross between a wood and a long iron. You now get salt in chocolate & marmite on cashew nuts.

In business & enterprise, the same evolution towards hyper-specialism [hyper-niching] has accelerated. Not much more than a few decades ago there were a small number of large companies who produced most of the supply, jobs & enterprise.

Now start ups and kitchen table Entrepreneurs are disrupting & breaking up larger enterprises & serving in a more specialised, bespoke way. Whilst not every large corporation suffered the fate of Kodak & a lack of specialisation & innovation, it is easier & faster to do it when you are lean & small & closer to your customers.

That is the Entrepreneurial edge & advantage. Embrace evolution, disruption & hyper-specialism, & you mitigate cyclical and economical peaks & troughs, feasts & famines & challenges.

What specialisation can you jump on that has become a new problem to solve? That is the question to ask to grow and de-risk your business

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