Are you glass half full? Or glass half empty?

Glass overflowing or glass a l w a y s empty?

Which is best? What makes more moolah?

Actually, neither.

Pseudo-positivity and ‘it’ll be alright because I know the law of attraction’ will lead to dumb, expensive mistakes…

That could have been easily avoided.

Naivety might be an endearing quality in virginal relationships or Puppies, but in the real world of business and property, you’ll get eaten.


“If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything?” right?


*Expect the best & prepare for the worst*

“The best way to reduce risk is to increase knowledge”

Yes, if it’s humanly possible, you can do it too, but not without the right planning, de-risking, testing and tweaking, and increasing your knowledge [of the downsides too].

You can only build high when you have solid, deep foundations.

But when it’s time to fly, to do it, to make it, NEVER let ANYONE [not even me] tell you you can’t.

I believe in you. The Eagle with a small dose of healthy skepticism

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