Small Businesses: How To Manage Your Finances

Are you an entrepreneur or small business? Looking to keep your finances in check so that you can continue to grow? Learn these vital tips now. Money management is a critical aspect of running a small business. By implementing smart financial practices, you can ensure the stability and growth of your company.  I want to tell you about a range of strategies that will help you effectively manage your cash flow, optimise your payment plans, reduce costs, and protect your cash reserves. By implementing these

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    TOP 5 ways to protect your money

    Rob Moore, Co-Founder of Progressive Property here! With all the uncertainty currently circulating the world, I decided that I’m going to give you some practical tips on how to protect your money from

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    TOP 3 Passive Income Ideas for 2022

    There’s a saying you may have heard: “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. The reason for this? Wealthy people approach a situation looking for opportunities and those opportunities usually result in

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