TRIGGER warning: 11 Reasons Being Broke is Selfish People often judge & hate on the rich, but in fact it can be selfish to be broke. Taking out reasonable disability, real poverty & other extreme cases, here are 11 reasons why being broke can be selfish:

1. You need benefits & financial support from the system
2. Tax revenue is required to support & subsidise you
3. You can’t spend much money therefore you can’t create economy
4. You don’t generate much tax revenue on your earnings
5. You can’t tip (big)
6. You can’t give much away to charity
7. You don’t create (M)any jobs
8. You don’t inspire others to create, produce & become wealthy
9. You can’t give your kids the very best education 10. You need other people to pay for things as you can’t afford to pay for them
11. You can’t build generational wealth & pass money on
12. Less people benefit from your gifts & talents I believe it is your right to be wealthy & your obligation to create & generate wealth for your family, community & society.

A lot of people think that if you are rich, you have to have take from the poor. This is nonsense, because money is fluid; constantly moving. One paper denomination could circulate 10,000 times and as such is not a single exchange where someone gains and someone else loses. Money is simply a universal mechanism of exchange, a way to measure value, a unit of account and a future store of that value. It is not good or bad, right or wrong. If you can learn to leverage money to its full purpose and potential, rather than make it mean what you think it means, or how it makes you feel, then you transcend being a slave to money and you become a money magnet and master.

So I think I was 37 or 38 years old when I launched my book ‘Money’ and that did really well in the UK so I decided to set up my foundation and to raise money through ‘Money’ book sales for the Rob Moore Foundation which is to help as many young and underprivileged entrepreneurs on this planet to start and scale their business.

 I want young and underprivileged people with meaningful businesses to get support from me in two forms, grants and mentorship, guidance, support, investment and resources to change the world. 

Let’s be honest our generation and the generation above kind of messed the planet up a bit and we need the young to sort it out for us, so if you set up some kind of foundation or charity or you’re able to do charity based work you’re going to make a big difference

There are so many reasons to be rich that transcend greed and power. Wealth contributes too, not just for your lifestyle, but those around you too. Let’s be honest, money does make you happy, or at least what good you can do with it makes you happy. Don’t be a martyr, stop worrying about how people will judge you, and go and create the wealth you deserve and do great things with it.

Please share as there is nowhere near enough financial knowledge taught in schools & beyond. It’s not money or a lack of that’s the problem; it’s education.Is there anything you would add & what are your thoughts on this?

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